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Shortcomings That Test the Grit of All Bowhunters

Don't despair when the gremlins start messin' with your bowhunting head! Keep practicing and get it right!

Don’t despair when the gremlins start messin’ with your bowhunting head! Keep practicing and get it right. You may end up with something like Ted’s dandy 8-pointer at Oxranchhunting.com!

Okay then, join me my friends as we check off month #1 of the New Year in our countdown to Fall 2015. As we gleefully cruise into February (you do cruise gleefully I am hoping) with our predator eyes, hearts, minds and spirits focused on the grand prize of October and November all these nine long months yet to go,  even though I am still deerhunting everyday in Texas, this might be a darn good time to review just what the heck happened to us through the huntseason 2014/2015.

But before we get into a very important scrutinized retrospective in our never ending dedication to learn from our mistakes for optimal upgrade in the future, this would be a perfect time to again remind you all that our beloved deerhunting life does not have to end after January 1st.

More and more deerhunters from around the country plan and take advantage of the extended winter deerhunting in Texas, new Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, even Ohio and a few more other states that have the resources and the smarts to maximize the wise use of them.

Hunting exotics like axis deer can extend your season and bring new thrills.

Hunting exotics like axis deer can extend your season and bring new thrills.

Be sure you look into such increased opportunities to see if it tickles your backstrap fancy, and join the increasing army of New Year deerhunters that are having more fun. More fun is better than less fun where we come from. Give it a shot.

I know how indescribably thrilling our beloved deerhunting can be most of the time. I’m sure we can all agree that a lousy day of deerhunting is truly wonderful and pretty much better than any day doing anything else.

That being said, there are those pesky human shortcomings that we all have to deal with on occasion that can truly test the grit of a man or woman in the deerwoods.

And seeing as how I hunt more days each season than anyone I am aware of, and therefore subject myself to more human failing ops, I figure I’m somewhat qualified to wax pathetic on the psychological pummeling we can bring on ourselves when we open the squeaky door for the nasty old Grinch Murphy to show up.

Hate Grinch Murphy and his stupid, pain in the butt law!

Sharing many campfires with BloodBrothers each season also blesses me with a much appreciated wide open window into the lives and experiences of more than 100 hunters each season. This gives me unlimited anecdotal evidence corroborating my own experiences.

Hours and hours of practice pays off during deerseason!

Hours and hours of practice pays off during deerseason!

In a nutshell, here are the top 10 blunders we make that in my book are the easiest ones to remedy.

#1-Not practicing enough during the season to be ultra-prepared for the shot we have waited so long for.

#2-Not getting out often enough (this is not a problem I have)

#3-Failing to pay attention to wind

#4-Failing to add cover to a tree set after the leaves come off

#5-Having a too heavy draw weight bow and spooking animals struggling to draw. (I never have this problem with my little girly ultra-graceful 45# Mathews)

#6-Failing to quiet a squeaky treestand

#7-Failing to have an adequate rest for our firearm

#8-Spooking deer with an inadequate stealthy travel route to our stand

#9-Failing to bend at the waist when shooting downward with a bow from a treestand

#10-The dreaded re-occurring curse of dreaded target panic!

This is just a basic overview from lots of communication with gungho dedicated deerhunters, but that #10 is a very scary doozy of a problem for many, myself included.

I plan on elaborating on Target Panic hell in the future, and though it rarely reared its ugly head this season, once or twice is more than enough to drive a bowhunters bonkers.

Goodluck to all who still pursue the beasts this month, and I will see you next week for the ongoing saga of Uncle Ted never giving up, never over, never out, backstrapping like a mystical flight of the arrow madman. See you on facebook and I welcome you to join my “we the people” culture war counter attack at wnd.com, newsmax.com, dailycaller.com, outdoorchannel.com, and always at tednugent.com. I’m on it and I hope and pray that you are too.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website here for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows in 2015, and also at World News Daily, Newsmax and Daily Caller for more insights.

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