SHOT Show Enthusiasm, Passion Running High

January is what the outdoors industry calls “show season” because that’s when the trade shows, dealer-distributor shows and other events are held throughout the country.

SHOT ShowCompanies introduce their new products. They’ll have passion and fire and enthusiasm, from the big ones with mega-millions to spend on advertising and hype and such. And the little companies, the start-ups, the Ma ‘n Pa Kettle companies, they’ll be right there in the mix trying to slug it out and grab a slice of the pie.

It starts with the Archery Trade Association show, this year held in Indianapolis, with all of the archery companies taking center stage. At the ATA show, too, we see stands, blinds, apparel, boots, seeds, feed, attractant, weird stuff, crazy stuff, interesting stuff and everything in between. We see boring stuff, too. No industry is immune from the mundane.

Dallas Safari Club brought out the boots ‘n hats last week in the Big D. It’s rapidly become one of the must-attend shows for big game hunters in the U.S. and overseas.

This week in Las Vegas, the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show gets underway Tuesday. It’s monstrous. You can easily walk 10 miles in a day, and I’m not kidding, if you put your hoofin’ boots on and get it. But to see things and talk and network, you need to slow down and linger a bit. Visit with folks. See the new gear and talk about what’s up in the industry.

That’s what the Deer & Deer Hunting team will be doing this week in Las Vegas. We’re all there, looking for interesting items and filming for Deer Talk Now. Our sales team is on hand beating the bushes for advertising dollars. Hey, it’s a business. We’re part of it just like anyone else.

Check back this week on our site for daily updates of new guns, optics, apparel and other great info. We’ll be filing reports daily and appreciate you visiting.