Simple Food Plot Sizes and Forage Choices

Food PlotIf you can only plant food plots of an acre or less, put half in clover for warm-season feed and half into a cereal grain such as oats or winter wheat, or a tuber, such as radishes or turnips. If your soil has a pH of 6 or higher, clover offerings will thrive, providing you have normal rainfall and you add the necessary fertilizer to help the plants grow.

If you can plant more than 1 acre, offer a greater variety of forages: 40 percent annuals and 60 percent perennials. Plant clover in the feeding plots to attract deer from May through mid-October (in the North) and annuals like those mentioned to attract deer from September through winter.

Corn and soybeans are incredible November plantings, but only if you can grow them. Their downside is that you need to plant 3 acres or more for them to be effective.


Essential Factors of Deer Management