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I Smell Fall

Uncle Ted's just about ready to put the full draw whack'em on some whitetails!

Uncle Ted’s just about ready to put the full draw whack’em on some whitetails!

I swear to God this last glorious week smelled like that magical effervescent fall pungent punch did it not! Did you all get a good whiff of that? I snorted some mighty fine air in numerous American geographical time-zones from MI, WV, OH, WI, MN, KS, CO, UT, WY, OR, SD and beyond, and there was no mistaking the special flavor of cool moist fall-like air across the country where my runaway Rock-N-Roll locomotive took me.

By Ted Nugent

I swear my neck swelled!

In our nightly meetings while on tour my fellow hunting BloodBrothers all had visibly increased smiles on their happy faces just thinking about The Season! Such dreamy near future visions certainly titillate the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit and trigger finger of reasoning predators everywhere.

In such a crazy, goofy world of painfully increasing politically correct bad and ugly, it certainly is refreshing and heartwarming to get constant reminders in these nightly roundtable gatherings of so much ultimate good that still abounds.

I must once again thank and salute our incredible Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids’ army of spirit warrior volunteers at the direction and guidance of Mr. Kevin and Sue Markt with Paul Milone and Ward Parker and their valiant troops of never-quitters continuing to do God’s work with Carol Ashurst and her daughter Rose Long with many from the Colorado Bowhunters, the Roger Bowen family and Jay Wilson and so many from the Iowa Bowhunters, the Nebraska Bowhunters and the National Field Archery Association president Bruce Cull and team in South Dakota and beyond.

I would like to take advantage of my deeranddeerhunting.com bully pulpit to shout out a loud and proud heartfelt ultra-loving Godbless Godspeed thank you congratulations and salute to the enormous brotherhood of incredibly giving, loving, caring, sacrificing, amazingly generous hunting families and sporting organizations across America who volunteer their precious time and energies to organize, tutor, guide, nurture and teach hundreds of thousands of youngsters each year the critical life’s lessons of hunting, fishing, trapping, safe firearms handling and just being dedicated conservationists and resource stewards.

I am aware and in deep appreciation of what kind of work ethic and sacrifice goes into all this volunteerism and our nation owes you all a huge debt of gratitude.

Get kids involved and get them outdoors!

Get kids involved and get them outdoors!

I know our own Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity is a year round hustle for my hero Kevin Markt and team, so I am well aware of what it takes to pull off the very demanding logistics of those thousands and thousands of camps and events all across America.

It is indeed a Herculean endeavor, and the immeasurable good that comes from such effort goes a long, long way at chipping at the otherwise bad and ugly options that young people face in this crazy world today.

Here’s an example of how powerfully positive our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids impacts its participants:

Letter About Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids

Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids has been part of my life ever since I became involved with the Nebraska Game And Parks Youth Mentoring Program. Kevin Markt and Jeff Micek have been a huge part of my life and when they came to me and asked if I would like to participate in the Kamp For Kids I didn’t hesitate.

The Kamp For Kids is my way of giving back to the community by showing the younger generation how much fun the outdoors has to offer, if it’s either archery, fishing, or outdoor adventures the kids always seem to have the time of their lives and just seeing that every year reminds me of how much fun I have with both Kevin and Jeff in the program. I have been very fortunate enough to be part of the mentoring program for 6 years now and I can’t explain how close everyone is with one another after being in the program. This program is like family for me because we spend every weekend for 5 months of the deer season together in the outdoors.

Jeff and Kevin are not only great mentors but are huge role models not only for myself but other youth as well. The bond that we share when we are out deer hunting is what the Kamp For Kids is all about. Sharing that same hobby and interests with other youth is why the Kamp is such a huge event. We want to share the same experiences with the younger generation so that they pass it down to future generations.

I hope this letter encourages people that are not part of the outdoor lifestyle to go out and try something new in the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be a big adventure, simple fishing trip or camping for a weekend. Anything to give a person a little bit of a taste of what the outdoors offer.  I hope this letter gives people an idea of how much fun trying new things can be and how life-long they can last.

Kyle Reeves
Age 18

With so many great organizations found in all 50 states, there is unlimited opportunity to substantially fortify America by volunteering and helping guide our youth on a True North compass setting in life.

The ultimate system by which we can assure the future of conservation and the shooting sports in America, and America herself, is through this hands-on recruitment of youth at the local and regional level.

The jury is not still out, and all the evidence points to a grand conclusion that the kids get it and they join the great outdoors ranks in great numbers with the world’s most successful wildlife management model — pay as you go hands-on boots on the ground we the people sustain yield wildlife resource value.

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is a vibrant celebration of the outdoors!

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is a vibrant celebration of the outdoors!

Get to know the various hunting, conservation and sporting clubs and organizations in your home states, find out what kind of youth activities they conduct each year, throw in with them and make a positive difference in some kids’ lives. You will not be let down. In fact, I know for a fact that your own life and hunting time will get better the more you can volunteer.

I’ve got just eight more bone-crushing head-slamming soul-stirring fire-breathing concerts left on our SHUTUP&JAM! tour for 2014, then I will swap Gibson guitars for Mathews bows and the other magic season begins for my seven month annual hunting dream.

So as we plunge headfirst into chipping away at August throttling onward into our magical September and fall/winter hunts, a hearty hi-ho silver and good hunting to you all.

See you all on facebook/tednugent and Twitter and see you here next week as we celebrate the greatest America Dream hunting lifestyle at deeranddeerhunting.com. Spread the word, tell everyone you know that the Deer and Deer Hunting campfire never goes out!

Your American Hunting BloodBrother, Uncle Ted, never over and never out.

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