Southern Deer Hunting

Southern deer hunting has a long and storied history that exists to this day. Traditions have been passed down through generations at deer camps despite changes in wildlife management, populations, methods of hunting and societal influences. Still, deer hunting and enjoying that is the heart of it all. In this blog we’ll take a look at all those things and more, including trends, gear, hot topics and more.

Gunshop Rifle

GunShop: Battle of the 30-Caliber Deer Rifles

It’s one of the oldest rivalries in ballistics — the venerable .30-06 Sprg. versus the oh-so-popular .308 Win. Which is better for deer hunting? By Dave Henderson Quite honestly, it’s the same argument as Coke versus Pepsi, Ford versus Chevrolet or wood stocks versus synthetic. The difference in performance is negligible and although both...

ReAnn Chatham with her 149 inch Mississippi buck.

She Took One More Moment and Then Dropped a Whopper

Fourteen was the key number for ReAnn Chatham last winter while deer hunting with her father in Mississippi. First, ReAnn is 14 years old. Second, the monster buck she shot has 14 points and was a deer they had been seeing occasionally. They knew it was in the area and ReAnn’s father, Greg, figured...

Custom knife makers will show their craftwork at the 2015 BLADE Show.

Have Breakfast at BLADE Show With ‘The People’s Sheriff’

Have breakfast with Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., “The People’s Sheriff,” at Knife Rights’ Sharper Future™ Awards Breakfast on June 6 during BLADE Show in Atlanta. A fearless and outspoken defender of the Constitution and the Second Amendment, Clarke will start your Saturday right with a talk that is sure to entertain and...

Gregg Ritz of Hunt Masters with a great Thompson/Center muzzleloader buck.

Avoid These Mistakes Flying with a Muzzleloader

If you’re planning a deer hunt this year with a muzzleloader and will be flying to your destination, take the advice of one well-seasoned traveler to avoid problems with the TSA folks at the airport. Veteran hunter Greg Ritz has flown around the world with muzzleloaders. He’s seen security checks go easy-peasy and others...

You may find an old, or new, hunting knife at BLADE Show or possibly someone to create the knife you want.

Get to the Point with BLADE Show Savings Bundles

Join thousands of other knife fanatics and get your fix at BLADE Show in Atlanta, where the blade family comes out to play and when things get going, there’s no other place you’d want to be. The show is June 5-7 and features more than 300 booths, 700 tables and the best selection of hunting...

Deer fawn  photo by Todd Schneider GaDNR

That Deer’s not Orphaned, so Just Leave it Alone

It’s the time of year when state wildlife agencies start sending out press releases about “orphaned” fawns and wildlife as reminders to leave them alone. It’s not a bad idea to do that, either. Too many folks with the bleeding-heart Disney Bambi Complex think they need to “save” everything cute and furry, including white-tailed...