Southern Deer Hunting

Southern deer hunting has a long and storied history that exists to this day. Traditions have been passed down through generations at deer camps despite changes in wildlife management, populations, methods of hunting and societal influences. Still, deer hunting and enjoying that is the heart of it all. In this blog we’ll take a look at all those things and more, including trends, gear, hot topics and more.

Falling from tree stands is a major cause of hunting injuries. Follow safety advice, wear a harness and don't rush when you're using a stand. (PHOTO: Tom Rogers)

Don’t Ignore These Top Tips for Hunting from Treestands

With deer seasons opening throughout the country we’re seeing some great bucks and does hitting the ground, smiling faces smudged with zebra-stripe face paint and happy kids with their first deer. Definitely not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but don’t mistake all this gleeful happy-happy fun for an excuse to ignore treestand...

Chiggers are predatory mites. (Photo: Wikipedia/Alan R. Walker)

Chiggers are the Evil Spawn of Satan and Hate Deer Hunters

I don’t believe I have the words in a polite vocabulary to adequately describe the depth of my hatred for chiggers, also known as redbugs, spawn of Satan and some other choice words that might make sailors blush. Honestly, I think I’d rather be freezing cold or so sweaty that my pants sag than...

Zeiss rifle scope 10 years outdoors

Ten Years in the Elements and the Scope is Just Fine

On one hand I don’t know whether to think this is a non-story because enclosed optics like binoculars, scopes and such are hyped as all kinds of “-proof” in the marketing materials. Waterproof. Fogproof. Freezeproof. Sun of Krypton Proof. Well, maybe not the last one. But on the other hand, a scope that’s been...

Uncle Ted enjoys all kinds of hunting, from bushytails to big bucks!

The Cuter the Critter, the Sweeter the Meat!

Squirrels! Limbrats! Nutbusters! Bushytails! Aim small miss small tree scramblers! I’m telling you, some of my most powerful, exciting hunts and memories were stalking the timber for some hard earned tree-scampers with my little Winchester Model 63 .22 semi-auto and an ancient Weaver four power scope. By Ted Nugent Every September since I can...

The Indiana State Championship attracted a good group of shooters who were introduced to the Scholastic Archery Association. (Photo: Amy Haley Photography)

Will 3D Archery Become the Next Big College Splash?

Back in April we had a story about the University of Montevallo expanding its outdoors offerings for students in a really cool program, and now comes news about another opportunity for young archers. Campbellsville University in Kentucky is adding archery as a co-ed sport and will be lining up 3D competitions against other participating...

White salt and a little Big Buck Mineral Formula was a great combo last year for game camera images, with does and bucks hitting the site pretty hard.

Is It All Worth the Time, Sweat, Blood, Briars, Snakes and Effort?

On our DDH Twitter account, @deerhuntingmag, I noticed a tweet from a fellow hunter who had been out in the woods doing some season prep work and fighting with Mother Nature. “Soaked in sweat and bleeding from briers. Come November that set will be worth it.” tweeted Kyle Sheesley (@kjsheesley) who, along with his pal...