Surprise Buck Turns Out to be Young Hunter’s Big One

Drew Musso of Alabama with his South Dakota buckI first met Drew Musso a few years ago here in Alabama on a dove hunt, and he recently emailed with a tale about his big deer hunting trip last season.

Drew was a crack shot in the dove field and a fine young man, and there’s no doubt his shooting skills haven’t diminished in the last few years. Check out his story below, in his own words, about his trip to South Dakota with his father, Alan, and friends, and his big buck:

By Drew Musso

My trip to South Dakota was an amazing experience. I hunted for four days in five different spots. I hunted really hard for the first three days and saw a ton of big bucks, but they were either too far away or not quite big enough.

I started getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to shoot a deer but my dad and his friends, Jeff and Jason, kept telling me not to worry. I woke up the last day of hunting excited because there was a chance of snow, and I have always dreamed of shooting a deer in the snow.

When we got to our spot, Jeff got out of the vehicle and said he was going to hunt with me. I knew right away this would be a hunt I would never forget. I had hunted this spot twice already and was glad the guide, Randy, put me in it again since it was my favorite spot. It overlooked a pond and a wide-open strip of land that ran right above it which had woods on each side.

Jeff and I got settled in the shooting house and waited for the sun to come up. Jeff likes to joke A LOT, so there was just as much talking as there was hunting. I was in the middle of laughing when Jeff hit me in the shoulder and told me there was a buck in the open strip. He wasn’t a shooter, so we sat quietly and let him pass.

About an hour later, I noticed white stuff landing on the shooting house window, and I realized it was snowing. I turned to tell Jeff but he stopped me before I could say anything. He saw a buck chasing three doe’s in the open strip and said to get my gun up. The buck blended in with the hillside as he stood still.  Jeff was going nuts and telling me if I didn’t hurry I was going to lose him and might not have another chance since this was our last day.

I started to get nervous and scan the hillside with my scope as fast as I could. I finally saw the buck as he started to trot and chase the does. I followed as he did this and pulled the trigger.

He ran out of sight and Jeff believed I hit him. We waited a couple of hours and Jeff told me to go look for the deer. I crossed the pond and hillside and found my deer laying ten yards into the woods.  I had shot him right through the heart at 267 yards with my Savage .308 rifle.

This was the biggest buck I had ever shot, and I later found out that my dad shot a big buck within fifteen minutes of the time I shot mine. This was definitely a trip I will always remember.

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