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Ted Nugent: Daughter Sasha Connects for First Michigan Deer

Sasha Nugent and son Caeden with Sasha's first Michigan DeerIt was cold for Texas in the rolling hills outside Sonora Texas back in December 1982. My little boy Toby was 6 and daughter Sasha was 8, and we were stalking the stunning deergrounds of Seco Mayfield’s cattle ranch with a little .222 Remington boltgun. My kids have been involved with my hunting in one way or another from the very beginning, but this was the first real genuine dedicated effort to get them a shot at a deer. And where better than in the great deerhunting state of Texas where there was on minimum age law, and such decisions were left to loving parents instead of bureaucrats. Duh!

Trained from birth with pellet guns in the living room sniping clothespins and figurines, both Sasha and Toby were absolute marksmen with a scoped rifle, both more than ready to kill a deer.

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We stalked carefully, looked intently, and were having a grand old time when we spotted a dandy buck a hundred yards out in the cactus flats. It was great fun as we carefully crawled to an old barbwire fence where Sasha chambered a round like a pro, settled in and took the shot.

Thump! Down went the handsome eight-point buck and much celebration erupted on that Texas hillside. She drilled it perfectly on the point of the shoulder, and none of us will ever forget that magic deerhunting moment together.

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The pretty buck is mounted on the wall as a glowing reminder of that special day, but that was a long time ago, and as life is known to go, for one reason or another, we have not gone deerhunting since, till this season.

Toby has become a worldclass deerhunter, which we will celebrate here none too soon, and Sasha has been on numerous deerhunts with old dad many times over the many years since, but she hasn’t actually gotten out to get another one for herself.

With her two beautiful sons and a fulltime workload, we just weren’t able to put it together till November 2013.

With but a subtle suggestion that she wanted to join her father, I scrambled to put it all together. She got her license, she practiced at the range, we gathered warm clothes and orange garments for her and my 5-year-old grandson Caeden, and off we 4wheeled to our Shadow Hunter blind where we would be comfy and out of the wind, and where Caeden could get away with some five year old fidgeting.

I filmed it all for Spirit of the Wild TV, and hope I adequately captured the incredible fun, joy and love that filled our little deerblind. It was nearly three hours before we saw deer, and the three does were at a bad angle for a shot, so we waited some more.

As video shooting light was about to fade, another trio of big swampdonkey she-deer ambled out of the marsh edge puckerbrush and Sasha went into her predator ballet as if she had done it every year since 1982.

With Walker’s Game Ears protecting everyone from the report, I filmed her and the deer as her 20 gauge slugger boomed the silence, and her Ted Nugent Ammo slug walloped the huge doe at about 80 yards right in the shoulder.

Oh, it was mighty special, dad, Sasha and Caeden hiking through the woods and marshgrass to recover the gorgeous doe. It was birthdays, graduations, Christmas’s, baptisms, everything wonderful all rolled into one thrilling family moment of perfection.

My cup runneth over.

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