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Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to welcome rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent as an exclusive blogger. Few public figures represent the hunting community as ardently as Nugent, and the Deer & Deer Hunting team has been privileged to work with the famous hunting advocate on many projects over the years.

In this newest collaboration, Nugent is providing content for a weekly blog, which will go live every Thursday. The blog will include never-before-seen content from Nugent. Readers can look forward to a weekly view inside Nugent’s love for all things deer and hunting. He leaves politics at the door to focus on the true issues and challenges facing today’s deer hunters and the deer hunting climate.

Each blog post will feature a carefully selected Nugent song and readers can also look forward to exclusive videos and store specials from ShopDeerHunting.com and tednugent.com.

Ted Nugent Axis Buck

The Spirit of the Wild Runs Strong and Free

Happy last day of July 2014 everyone! As I share my deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog#48 with you all on this glorious 31st day of July, like you, I celebrate the winding down of one heck of a beautiful summer as we eagerly drool wildly in anticipation for the arrival of our sacred fall hunting season. By...

Yowza! Ted Nugent with a nice buck!

Dig Deep for the Ultimate Reasoning Predator Within

Greetings to my venison BloodBrothers once again on yet another glorious summerday July 24, 2014 in America, on my deeranddeerhunting.com Uncle Ted NugeBlog #47. I suppose we should stop meeting like this, but hey, who would want to tamper with such a wonderful unprecedented communication opportunity like this where the greatest hands-on conservationists in...

Ted Nugent Axis Buck

The Nonroad Untraveled is More Fun Than The Road Less Traveled

Thank you Lord, and thank you America once again for this incredible American Dream beyond any dream I could have ever dreamed of. Rock-N-Roll and hunting defines my life beyond God, family and country, but quite honestly, my dynamo passions of hunting and music actually fulfill my obligations to The Big 3. I see...

Ted Nugent

Uncle Ted’s Mailbag: Keep Striving to Overcome Bowhunting Frustration

Deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog #45? Are you kidding me? So you expect me to believe that a guy who is on tour, not just any tour, but without question the most demanding, brutally draining nonstop rock-n-roll blitzkrieg tour of alltimes, conducting lengthy media interviews everyday, doing children’s and military charity stuff, writing articles for more than...

Mule deer like this one, whitetails, exotics ... there's always time for high intensity hunting!

Uncle Ted On The Road Again

No wonder I’m tired! And limping! And needed both knees replaced! And all giddy and excited like a backstrapper on opening morning! My killer band and I have once again unleashed our inner beasts and we charge forth across America like a teenage garageband on steroids and venison with enough amplification to reverse the...

Ted Nugent hunts more than 300 days a year and is fired up every single time he's in the woods!

No One Ever Says “I Want Less Hunting Opportunities!”

Ahhhhh……the ultra-fresh olfactory stimulating stank of the good mother earth clinging to my marsupial like ten digits of dirt stewardship. They claim and I proudly admit, that, I, Ted Nugent, your humble soulmusic, MotorCity guitar wrangling, backstrap addicted, Deeranddeerhunting.com fulltime venisonboy, Great Spirit BloodBrother, am indeed, a dirty white boy. By Ted Nugent And...

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Memorial Day weekend.

Spiritmusic for Spirit Bloodbrothers

Deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog#42 here for y’all, written in a quaint little hotel room in the lovely town of Malmo, Sweden, as my killer band and I, adrift in a jetlag cosmos, wallow in the spiritual afterglow of yet another outlando ultraROCKOUT concert with 35,000 of my close personal R&B&R&R friends from all over the world....

Celebrate hunting!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Summer 2014? Are you kidding me? I hate to subject you and me to predictable status quo colloquialisms, but here she goes; my, how time flies when we’re having fun! So if my calculations are correct, this little Nuge ditty oughtta be showing up on your intergalactic electronic hand-held device sometime on Thursday, June...

Get kids involved and get them outdoors!

Start ‘Em Young!

Ahhhh… if it isn’t my effervescent, ultraFUN NugeBlog #40 right here right now at deeranddeerhunting.com! Like my one of many lovesongs over so many years clearly illustrates, “I Won’t Go Away!” By Ted Nugent And why should I? If you’re not having fun with me, well, you’re weird. My life is so much fun...

Ted Nugent loves bear hunting and got this bruin a couple of years ago. Rugsteaks!

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome to be Your Best

Thank God for the United States Marine Corps. Without their lessons of “improvise, adapt and overcome,” not only wouldn’t I be here literally, but I sure wouldn’t be able to provide this installment of my writings to share with you all. By Ted Nugent In fact, why not take the time here on my...