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Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to have rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent as an exclusive blogger. Few public figures represent the hunting community as ardently as Nugent, and the Deer & Deer Hunting team has been privileged to work with the famous hunting advocate on many projects over the years.

In this exclusive collaboration, Nugent is providing content for a weekly blog that will go live every Thursday. The blog will include never-before-seen content from Nugent. Readers can look forward to a weekly view inside Nugent’s love for all things deer and hunting. He leaves politics at the door to focus on the true issues and challenges facing today’s deer hunters and the deer hunting climate.

Blogs will occasionally have a carefully selected Nugent song and readers can also look forward to exclusive videos and store specials from ShopDeerHunting.com and tednugent.com.

From the earliest days with a stick and string to today's high-tech compounds and gear, Uncle Ted has loved every second in the outdoors!

Happy September American Hunters!

Now we’re talkin’! September baby! Even though the tail-end summer temperatures are still stupid sweltering hot petty much everywhere and I still have three more outrageous skull crushing concerts to rockout, I do believe it is safe to say- HAPPY FALL 2016! What the heck! With some deerseasons, pronghorn, bear, moose, caribou, sheep and...

TED with 3D buck

Fondle Hardware Like You Mean It!

I fondle hardware. I embrace sporting goods. I tinker. I wallow in outdoor gear. I snuggle ammo. I caress firepower. I break stuff. I wear stuff out. I live hard, love hard, hunt hard, rock hard, ride hard, shoot hard, play hard and work hard. Hell, I even think, grill, eat and sleep hard!...

TED  Glock 3Pglock

Don’t Let The Season Get Away From You

What exactly is it we want out of our annual hunting season? Backstraps? Fun? Adventure? Challenge? Sport? A trophy? Escape? Quiet? That special campfire with family and friends? The healing powers of nature? Filling the memory bank? Defying political correctness? Or just flexing that pure, natural, instinctive predator muscle because we must? All of...

Get your predatory vibe jacked way up high for deer, elk, small game and whatever else you enjoy!

Leaping The Vast Chasm To Supreme Predatorship

The great one, our hero Fred Bear, declared the truism many years ago that a single season hunting with the bow and arrow can teach us more about being a hunter than a lifetime of gun hunting. With the inescapable short range limiting factors of archery, we can learn — we must learn rather...

From the earliest days with a stick and string to today's high-tech compounds and gear, Uncle Ted has loved every second in the outdoors!

I Smell Fall! Snort It Like You Mean It!

Did I say Happy August? You bet I did! I know, I know, it’s not that big of a deal in our wonderful world of deerhunting, but it is a whole month closer to October than July was! And I have a funny feeling that I’m not the only one getting all tingly and...

Shemane, Sasha and Caeden are proof of the deerhunting passion fires!

Baptize Them Slow and Easy!

Some of us in this glorious world of deerhunting are just plain lucky, especially those of us so doggone fortunate to have been born into a hunting family from the very beginning of our American outdoors Dream. It was December 13, 1948 when I arrived in Detroit, Michigan. My dad, Warren Henry Nugent was,...

TED  Mathews Halon bow buck

Go for It, SpiritBloodbrothers! I Smell Fall!

I know. It’s still the middle of summer and the living is easy. Hell, it’s not even August yet, but as I merrily dance off the stage each and every night from the greatest musical outrage of my long rockin’ life, dripping puddles of sweet BBQ sweat and happiness, overjoyed at the most intense...

TED  doe

Thank You Hunting Industry Brotherhood

It’s real easy to get caught up in the whirlwind vortex of this stimulating hunting lifestyle, and well we should. Getting caught up means we are deep into it and therefor dedicate ourselves to be the best that we can be at ambushing our families’ meals while performing our stewardship balancing duties. Hunting in...

Shemane, Sasha and Caeden are proof of the deerhunting passion fires!

The DeerHunting Passion Builds and Grows Like Wildfire

And so we meet again my SpiritWild BloodBrothers at the next best thing to a down and dirty honest to God all American, backstrap sizzling deerhunting family glowing campfire. In case I have failed to do so lately, on behalf of the many millions of dedicated hunting families across the land, thank you Dan...

TED in his plaid jacket and whompin stick

Celebrating the Special Human and Spiritual Bonds

In my last deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog#146 last week, I celebrated the incredible and very special human and spiritual bond shared by our fellow hunting families across America, and in fact, according to a few million facebookers, far across the globe. We of the hunting lifestyle who dedicate ourselves to genuine hands-on conservation and natural world...