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Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to welcome rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent as an exclusive blogger. Few public figures represent the hunting community as ardently as Nugent, and the Deer & Deer Hunting team has been privileged to work with the famous hunting advocate on many projects over the years.

In this newest collaboration, Nugent is providing content for a weekly blog, which will go live every Thursday morning. The blog will include never-before-seen content from Nugent. Readers can look forward to a weekly view inside Nugent’s love for all things deer and hunting. He leaves politics at the door to focus on the true issues and challenges facing today’s deer hunters and the deer hunting climate.

Each blog post will feature a carefully selected Nugent song and readers can also look forward to exclusive videos and store specials from ShopDeerHunting.com and tednugent.com.


Ted Nugent: Never Give Up When the Hunting Gets Tough

I think I was 8, maybe 9 years old. That would have been way back in the year of our Lord 1956. (YIKES! I’m OLD!!) Young Ted snuggled on the leafy ground in a roughshod makeshift groundblind, barely thrown together with rotted old barn shards and limbs of various coniferous and deciduous origin strewn...


Ted Nugent: Safe Deer Hunting is the Responsible Choice

I hope your hunting season is going as wonderfully as mine is. Not exactly overloaded with harvested strappers, but stunning for all the right reasons for sure. The only thing more important than every morning’s hunt and every evening’s hunt for me is getting home safe and sound so I can do it all...


Ted Nugent: School is in Session – Hunting Education 101

The kids’ eyes looked like they would bug out of their happy faces. Oohs and ahhhs permeated the 4th grade classroom and the boys and girls were clearly gaga with fascinated excitement. I hauled the giant buffalo head around the room as I told thrilling stories of wild Indians on horseback with their bows...


Ted Nugent: Sacred Venison Flesh Demands Serious Care

For more than 50 years I have been doing everything in my power to turn people on to the ultimate quality protein and sustenance known to man – VENISON! In each and every case, I have succeeded in educating non-hunters and even anti-hunters, and even animal rights freaks to this inescapable reality. In many instances...

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: Lethal Deer Hunters Must Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Ok, I admit it. I’m drunk. Stoned. Wasted. Tipsy. Inebriated. Schnookered. Zombied. Ozzylike. Hopelessly out of control and staggering aimlessly like a lost soul with no direction known. I am well into October and my ponytail has been erect since the early 60s. That’s the 1960s, not my 60s! (It’s all perfectly legal so...

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: The Truth Is – America Loves Venison

How can we not celebrate enthusiastically our deer and deerhunting lifestyle in the pages and website of Deeranddeerhuntingmagazine? Of course we cannot not. So do. And obviously like most of you, I celebrate it not only here but everywhere I go everyday of my life. Literally. No, really, everywhere everyday. Literally. Have done so...

Ted Nugent hunts more than 300 days a year and is fired up every single time he's in the woods!

Ted Nugent: Happy October To Deer Hunters Everywhere

HAPPY OCTOBER! Are you kidding me? Don’t you feel very, very sorry for the nonhunting world out there that is condemned to experience such a lesser October than we do? Oh the poor, incomplete humanity! Then of course, even though our glorious October is thrilling and stimulating beyond words, just think what next month...


Ted Nugent: A Deer Hunt Of A Lifetime

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TED’S CLASSIC WEEKEND WARRIORS   By Ted Nugent Well here we go again backstrappers! Uncle Ted right back at ya here at deeranddeerhunting.com. And yet another loud and proud terminal backstrap breath greetings to my DeerandDeerhunting BloodBrothers all. I am oh so confident that, like mine, your freezers are full...

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: Take a Newcomer Along this Hunting Season

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TED’S CLASSIC BABY PLEASE DON’T GO   By Ted Nugent Ultra-Hi-velocity American BloodBrother greetings once again my Deer&DeerHunting friends from the indefatigable Nugent hunting addicted SpiritZone campfire. And what a blazing campfire it is! Mine smells like meat! Yours? It only took me a single morning to escape the brutal...