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Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to have rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent as an exclusive blogger. Few public figures represent the hunting community as ardently as Nugent, and the Deer & Deer Hunting team has been privileged to work with the famous hunting advocate on many projects over the years.

In this exclusive collaboration, Nugent is providing content for a weekly blog that will go live every Thursday. The blog will include never-before-seen content from Nugent. Readers can look forward to a weekly view inside Nugent’s love for all things deer and hunting. He leaves politics at the door to focus on the true issues and challenges facing today’s deer hunters and the deer hunting climate.

Blogs will occasionally have a carefully selected Nugent song and readers can also look forward to exclusive videos and store specials from ShopDeerHunting.com and tednugent.com.


Yes, I am a Stranglehold CornDog

Corn! Wonderful, wonderful, wildlife enhancing golden kernels of CORN! I gotta tell ya, this simple grain brings me so much indescribable joy, happiness and supreme quality of life, I get a little emotional just talking about it. By Ted Nugent I’ll never forget the very 1st time corn came into my life. I had...

Ted Nugent 2

Thank You, My BloodBrothers, After All These Years

Friends, family and the great outdoors. Now that’s a battlecry I can live with, and I have fulltime for 66 glorious, fascinating Spirit of the Wild years. Lucky Lucky us huh! Can you imagine a life without deerhunting? A life without backstraps? Without the mystical flight of the Arrow? A life without campfires? Without...

Ted Nugent and Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Celebrate Our DeerHunting BloodBrothers Worldwide

You know how we get all tingly inside whenever we think about deerhunting? You know how we so graphically relive every thrilling moment of the hunt everytime we grill up some of our sacred, hard earned venison? You know how we share and celebrate all those exciting sensations with our close friends and family?...

Ted and Kid

Bowhunters Unite for the Future of Our Sport!

Super Detroit Rocker (son of MotorCity Madman?!) Kid Rock called awhile back and asked if I would teach him the fine art of bowhunting. He said Jerry Lee Lewis taught him to play piano so why not the old MotorCity WhackMaster StrapAssassin1 baptize him into the stimulating world of the mystical flight of the...

Ted in a helicopter with a machine gun

Deerhunters Do Not Live By Deerhunting Alone!

I think we can all agree on another hunting lifestyle truism; deerhunters do not live by deerhunting alone! Every deerhunter I know lives this wonderful hunting lifestyle in every way we can possibly manipulate our schedules and responsibilities and lives overall to get out there as much as humanly possible to hunt every species...

Heck yeah! This backstrapmobile is rockin' after some TLC from Uncle Ted!

A Salute to Our American Off-Road Horsepower Dreams

Well that was fun wasn’t it! Sending my 1st mystical flight of the whitetail backstrap arrow in Nebraska way back on September 10, 2014, the indescribable joys of my venison boogie throttled relentlessly through Michigan then Texas right up to February 28, 2015. Lord have mercy and somebody call me a doctor! Goodness gracious...

Fred Bear's last deer.

Let’s All Celebrate Fred Bear’s Birthday

I lost Fred Bear, my dear friend, mentor, hero and BloodBrother nearly 27 years ago on April 27, 1988. We bowhunted together and shared another moving campfire at his sacred Michigan hunting grounds, what would end up being his very last bowhunt here on earth, in late October the previous fall, and to this day, many...

Kevin Hisey

Deer Hunting Community Loses an Ally at Pope & Young

On bended knee, looking to the heavens, I thank God every day that I am so blessed with a wonderful loving family, good health, great friends and hunting buddies, this spectacularly rewarding hunting lifestyle, a killer band of supreme soulmusic masters and the American freedom dream to live my life as I wish and...

Ted Nugent celebrates hunting season the best way he knows how, by going hunting a lot and enjoying wild game meals every night with his family and friends! But he's always practicing smart safety with a full body harness in the stand.

The Wonderful Deer Hunting Predator is Alive and Well

Whew! I’m tired. No, really, really tired, as in worn out, beat, exhausted, whooped, bug-eyed bleary, schnookered, wasted, pooped, runnin’ on empty, out of gas, deflated, sizzled, schnizzled, windless beneath my wings, frazzled, burned out, out of steam, sleepy, schnackered, smoldering, limp, flatlined, simply near the end of my rope. By Ted Nugent You...