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Deer & Deer Hunting is proud to have rocker and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent as an exclusive blogger. Few public figures represent the hunting community as ardently as Nugent, and the Deer & Deer Hunting team has been privileged to work with the famous hunting advocate on many projects over the years.

In this exclusive collaboration, Nugent is providing content for a weekly blog that will go live every Thursday. The blog will include never-before-seen content from Nugent. Readers can look forward to a weekly view inside Nugent’s love for all things deer and hunting. He leaves politics at the door to focus on the true issues and challenges facing today’s deer hunters and the deer hunting climate.

Blogs will occasionally have a carefully selected Nugent song and readers can also look forward to exclusive videos and store specials from ShopDeerHunting.com and tednugent.com.

TED  doe

Still Celebrating the Predator Purity After All These Years

Okay all my deeranddeerhunting.com backstrap BloodBrothers, altogether now with spirit; Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear WhackMaster StrapAssassin1 Uncle Ted, happy birthday to me! By Ted Nugent Oh my but that sounded so sweet, almost romantic now didn’t it. Yes, it did. Thank you very much. And so it...

Bowhunting for squirrels definitely can put some confidence in your shooting and accuracy!

The Waiting Game Throttles On

I sit. I wait. I sit. I wait. I fidget and sit and wait and wait. Then I sit and wait some more. Are we deerhunting yet? Happy December 2015 my sitting and waiting BloodBrothers. How goes your sitting and waiting deerhunting dreams? Or is that nightmares? By Ted Nugent And so it goes,...

Ted and his son, Fleetwood, enjoy hunting and the outdoors as do all of the Nugent family.

Happy Deerhunting ThanXgiving Everyday America

As I trudge joyfully through building, blowing, beautiful snow drifts back to my little Michigan log cabin, my sense of giving thanks could not be more clear or powerful. My pure, natural hands-on participation in God’s miraculous creation as a hunter/gatherer of His precious gifts of life giving renewable resources forces me to admit...

Chasing small game is a great way to reinvigorate your hunting appetite and put some other game meat on the table!

Man Does Not Live by Backstraps Alone!

Lord have mercy! November 19, 2015, and our beloved deerseasons across America not only throttle on relentlessly, but lo and behold, I believe many of us are actually increasing our pursuits in intensity and passion. Can this be? Can we maintain this indefatigable predator pace? Can we possibly keep this madness up? By Ted...

Uncle Ted gives thanks to the United States Marine Corps members and all who serve in our great military forces around the world.

Happy Veterans Day, Everyday!

Wow! NugeBlog#114 already! The old backstrappin’ guitarplayer just keeps on hammerin’ on don’t I! You’re darn right I do, because I am inspired beyond words every day of my life by the superior humanity that I am privileged and honored to hang out with, reminded constantly that freedom is not free, and how the...

TED with great buck

Bigger Campfires are Better Than Smaller Campfires

Somebody pinch me! No, wait, I’m afraid a simple pinch will not do. I think you had better tie me upside down, strip me naked, hose me down, slap me upside the head, hire a gaggle of barrel chested Herculean-like body builders, all armed with aluminum Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and just unleash them...

With age comes wisdom and the realization that hunting smarter means doing what you can and should ... not what you used to do.

Celebrate the Glorious, Glorious Rut!

When you’re out in the deerwoods everyday like I am, you become extremely tuned in to the pulsations of nature and her critters. There really is a wonderful, stimulating Call of the wild, but I prefer to call it the Spirit of the wild, for there is a tangible yet beyond the physical heartbeat...

Uncle Ted doesn't mine running an arrow through a swampdonkey shedeer to put meat on the table!

May the Force Be With You and All Your Backstrap Dreams Come True!

Every morning and every afternoon, September, October, November, December, January and February, I unleash my pure predator beast, and head to my chosen ambush location for another hunt of a lifetime. The excitement that broils down below has not subsided one whit for the past 60 plus years of bowhunting, and I look to...

With age comes wisdom and the realization that hunting smarter means doing what you can and should ... not what you used to do.

So That Our BloodBrothers May Live to Hunt Another Day

In this wonderful month of October, every day of hunting gets better and better all the time. The early start of the season is always gleefully anticipated, and though surely many fine trophy does and bucks and bulls and cows do in deed get killed and celebrated, it is all too often rather warm...

Fred Bear, Ted Nugent and a young Toby Nugent

And the BloodBrother Spirit Campfires Burn Brightly On

Us Bowhunters are ultra-lucky even when we get skunked. Just the fact that we are so fortunate to have discovered and pursued our mystical flight of the arrow and this amazing natural spiritual connection with God’s creation is mojo enough to thank the Good Lord for everyday. Sure, the always nerve wracking, spine-tingling, hyperventilating...