Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Blessed to Be Rockin’ the Mighty USMC Warriors

Ted Nugent celebrates hunting season the best way he knows how, by going hunting a lot and enjoying wild game meals every night with his family and friends! But he’s always practicing smart safety with a full body harness in the stand.

As you read this NugeBlog#213 on this glorious September day 2017, many of our fellow hunters across America are celebrating a grand early huntseason for various species with family and friends, and the excitement and velocity is picking up exponentially by the day.

If it were not for my lifetime of nonstop rock-n-roll touring all these years, I would have gladly packed my bags and gear to travel here, there and everywhere to join my hunting buddies for such annual spine-tingling adventure and fun.

Even the most titillating invitations are turned down, for I am addicted to being home when not rockin’ and rollin’!

Whatever the season and game available, Uncle Ted is grateful to the members of our nation’s armed forces who strive to protect us and our freedoms each day!

However, there are some things in life that cannot be turned down, and on this day, I am landing in Okinawa with my family and bandmates and touring crew at the phenomenal invitation from the United States Marine Corp to rock the world’s greatest hero warriors with my radical, over the top, extremist freedom all American rock-n-roll soundtrack!

That’s right; I painfully turned down many simply amazing invites to chase deer and elk and moose and caribou and bears and pronghorn at some of the best hunting spots on earth, but I sure as hell would never turn down an invite from the USMC BloodBrothers to shout out a loud, proud, and very humble we the people THANK YOU for their incredible dedication and sacrifices. Afterall,freedom ain’t free!

Privileged and honored beyond words, I am able to communicate on a daily basis with the heroes of the US Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Air National Guard, SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, all Special Ops, and believe you me, there is no limit as to how we should dedicate ourselves to give back to them and their families for the very quality of life that they have provided us at such great cost.

And let me tell you, in my talks, campfires, hanging out, training and always special time spent with these US Military warriors, there has never been a time that the conversations failed to focus on hunting, 2nd Amendment rights, allthings the great outdoor and the shooting sports.

Whether in some un-named mountain pass in Afghanistan, backstage at a concert or a mess hall at a US military base, it is obvious that the majority of military heroes love the great outdoors lifestyle.

With high energy firebreathing songs like Stranglehold, Fred Bear, Tooth Fang & Claw, Raw Dogs & War Hogs, Gonzo, Stormtroopin, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Free For All, I Still Believe, Geronimo & Me, Dog Eat Dog and The Great White Buffalo, we are all fired up for the most patriotic rocking concert ever!

WATCH: Nugent Rocks Out Live with Fred Bear

Even as powerful as the annual hunting season is for me, there is nowhere else on earth I would rather be than with the United States Marine Corp in Okinawa, celebrating this unequalled American Dream, how we created it, how we protect and safeguard it and how we rock it!!

I will be sure to convey to these great men and women of the mighty USMC how much the hunting families of America appreciate their dedication, and how we are well aware that there would be no 2nd Amendment, no private property rights, no hunting, no quality of life whatsoever without their warrior service and super-human commitment to be willing to die for the US Constitution.

Hunt every day like you mean it my friends. There is a Marine with a rifle on that wall making sure we can. Godbless America. Godbless the United States Marine Corp. Semper Fidelis!

With more than 40 million albums sold, rock legend Ted Nugent is equally well known as the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, conducting thousands of pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-American interviews in major media worldwide. Nugent is a New York Times best-selling author whose works include “Ted, White & Blue —The Nugent Manifesto;” “God, Guns & Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Kill It & Grill It.” This year, his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show celebrates its 500th episode!  For allthings Nuge, visit www.tednugent.com


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