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Ted Nugent deerHappy last day of July 2014 everyone! As I share my deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog#48 with you all on this glorious 31st day of July, like you, I celebrate the winding down of one heck of a beautiful summer as we eagerly drool wildly in anticipation for the arrival of our sacred fall hunting season.

By Ted Nugent

It’s not as if we are not all busy enough every day to remain tuned into our daily life’s responsibilities or anything, but I bet you all do like I do and flip forward on our calendars to see what day October 1st falls on and what the solunar tables look like that first half of November and what the annual rut holds in store for us.

Since last week’s NugeBlog#47, my outrageous SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 summer Rocktour has taken me to OH, WV, WI, MN, MO, CO, UT and we throttle on to WY, OR, SD, OH, MI, SC, FL, MS and back home to TX on August 16 & 17 for our last two explosive rockouts for 2014.

I kid you not when I tell you this is the most amazing tour of my long, long rock-n-roll career. Every audience is on fire with enthusiasm for my amazing band and music, and the only way I can describe each night’s firebreathing rockout is out of body!!

The intensity factor is indescribable and on behalf of my killer band, dedicated professional crew and my entire teamNuge, THANK YOU America for this unbelievable American Dream gift.

Doe? Buck? Spike? Giant nontypical? Hunters have a variety of choices and should be able to make their own decisions.

Doe? Buck? Spike? Giant nontypical? Hunters have a variety of choices and should be able to make their own decisions.

No wonder the hunting season is so vitally important to me. At 66 years of age I unleash a ridiculous torrent of pure animal energy on stage each night mostly six nights a week and I desperately need the silence and solace of my reasoning predator hunting season down time to cleanse my soul and recharge my spiritual and physical batteries.

Whew! I should be much more tired that I feel!

And remember, as I’ve stated so many times before, I don’t just rock myself into a puddle of sweat and spiritual goo each night, I also have wonderful sitdown roundtable discussions with our fellow hunters from across the land, so many people like us that live a serious hunting lifestyle.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be able to connect with so many good Americans out there. From this connection I wish to deliver a very important message that I have found to be universal in my lifetime of travels and communications.

I can’t seem to find anyone out here that has a problem with anyone’s choice of hunting style or equipment.

Nobody I ever met cares if you like giant trophy bucks or little succulent yearling does.

I’ve never met a bowhunter that thinks crossbows suck.

I’ve never met a hunter who cares what caliber firearm anyone chooses or which bow manufacturer, broadhead, release, arrow or any other gear anyone prefers.

I’ve yet to meet a hunter who cares if your muzzleloader has a scope on it or not.

Nobody out here in the heartland gives a good hoot which camo pattern anyone chooses.

Everyone I’ve ever met respects the disciplined trophy hunter who waits for older mature animals and the eager beaver who cherishes the 1st legal deer that gives us a shot.

In all my unprecedented 6,500 plus gatherings over 50 plus years, have I ever met anyone who cares how much or how little technology individuals choose to include on their own personal hunting adventures.

I cannot believe that any hunter alive (except the always soulless lunatic fringe) fails to respect these magnificent creatures that provide us so much joy, challenge, adventure, glorious family time and precious protein to feed our families and friends.

I hear and read the occasional complaining that hunting and fishing is getting overly commercial, but I wonder how else we can promote this wonderful lifestyle if not through the proven methodology of capitalism driven promotion and marketing?

What could possibly be wrong with promoting our beloved sport to as many people as possible?

Check out one of Ted’s new songs from his latest album:

I find that all the evidence I am privy to suggests that what the Nugent family finds common and sensible is indeed commonsense across the country.

Of this we are very proud, and surely the very reason why our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel is the highest rated hunting television show in the history of hunting television. And for that, we sincerely thank you with all our heart and soul.

The reason Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV is so popular is simple: we don’t produce our show per se, but rather simply push the record button and document the honest, down to earth, pragmatic, natural hunting lifestyle of the vast majority of American hunting families.

We don’t take two, we have no teleprompters, we write no scripts, we don’t make up hokey make believe crap just to entertain anyone. We simply film how we live and how we hunt, same as most American hunting families.

So thank you very much for re-fortifying our confidence and resolve to continue to represent an honest, down to earth portrayal of real hunting families celebrating the perfection of tooth, fang and claw nature at her finest.

And thank you all too for supporting my weekly deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlogs. Do be sure to tell everyone you know about them. Do spread the goodword and turn up the communication heat in order to maximize the celebration and promotion and recruitment for our deerhunting lifestyle.

Godbless you all, and until next week, Uncle Ted reporting for duty, never over and never out, rockin across America on the greatest tour of my life, getting ready for the best hunting season of our lives.

See you all at facebook/tednugent and at tednugent.com for the continuing saga of so much good towering over the feeble bad and ugly as the disastrous American culture war rages on in our fight to take back America.

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