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Ted Nugent: Christmastime Deer Hunts Are Special

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I often state how opening day is more exciting and intense than Christmas morning. In fact I hear that all the time from hunters all across America, and be it known that nobody means it is more important than the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday, just a figure of speech that such a momentous occasion is thrilling beyond words! And that it is.

So now that the planets of excitement are about to align, and even though I know of no actual opening days that specifically coincide with Christmas Day, I do indeed know of many, many families across the deerhunting landscape that look forward to their annual Christmas day deerhunt  with all the anticipation and excitement of a brand new opening day unto itself.

I do!

With so many families traveling to spend Christmas together, Christmastime deerhunts are special hunts much like opening days. In fact, in many instances, such holiday hunts are the first and only hunts many family members will experience each season, and I know for a fact that the giddy factor is as off the charts for these hunters as are opening days and the rut for the gunho dedicated hunters amongst us.

DECK THE HALLS from Merry Axemas, Volume 2

I don’t believe I have missed a Christmas morning deerhunt but a few times over many years, so this is a good time to prod all you deerhunters out there to push a little harder to get those kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and all extended family members all bundled up, geared up, sighted in, safety reviewed and ready to rock for the deerhunting fun of their lives.
Some might not want to compromise the tradition of waking up together to attack the tree and all the gifts and unique Christmas morning fun, but there is always the afternoon hunt to top off an already wonderful family day.

Ted shot this big buck in Texas. Learn more on his Facebook page.

Ted shot this big buck this month in Texas. Learn more on his Facebook page.

And of course, there is always the incredible opportunity to encourage retention and prod recruitment by giving the always appreciated gifts of deerhunting stuff. From guns and bows and boots and clothing, to optics, knives, arrows and ammo, everybody loves to unwrap a special gift of quality sporting goods to gaze upon, fondle, ooh and ahh over, use and ultimately inspire their ultimate application come that next opportunity to take their new toys to the deerwoods.

I know of many, many instances where the simple gift of deerhunting goodies made the difference in someone thinking about going hunting and actually putting forth the substantial effort to go hunting because now they have their own gear to do so with. Autonomy is in our genes and a powerful driving force for quality of life for our species!


The BigDay is this week, so give it some thought, hit it hard, show them a grand time, and celebrate with some scrumptious fresh backstraps and loins by the Christmas SpiritFire with loved ones, family and friends. I for one am only half-way through my deerseason, so good hunting to all, and to all a good Christmas hunt. Merry Christmas Deer and Deer Hunting BloodBrothers, and a very happy NugeYear! See you at tednugent.com and on Facebook.

Uncle Ted