Ten Years in the Elements and the Scope is Just Fine

Zeiss rifle scope 10 years outdoors

On one hand I don’t know whether to think this is a non-story because enclosed optics like binoculars, scopes and such are hyped as all kinds of “-proof” in the marketing materials.

Waterproof. Fogproof. Freezeproof. Sun of Krypton Proof. Well, maybe not the last one.

But on the other hand, a scope that’s been exposed to the elements for a decade over in Germany and still performs is pretty cool. I’ve known some hunters who flip out when it’s raining or icy and their scopes get wet. “OMG, have to clean it and get it inside.” Jimminy Christmas, it’s a hunting tool and built for being outdoors. It’s not like the thing is going to melt.

Here’s the skinny from the Zeiss blog:

John Sveen’s case it was much simpler. He took a short break and afterwards he went on without his rifle, a ZEISS scope mounted on the rifle. After nine years, John was amazed when his friend Knut Øyjorda found his gun in the mountains: The wooden stock was bleached out and brittle, the muzzle was rusted and unusable. Only the scope was still like new. The coating withstood the weather, the cold and heat could not harm the optics.

One of the old writer tricks when testing optics was, and still is, to put it in a tub of water, freeze it solid for x-amount of time, and then thaw it out to check for air bubbles, leaks or problems. I’d say this Zeiss scope probably could have handled a stinky outdoor writer’s efforts quite easily.


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