Nicole McClain: Deer Hunting Tips and Video Like You’ve Never Seen Before

By Nicole McClain

Nicole McClain on Deer & Deer Hunting

Nicole McClain is the real deal. Whether it’s hunting, shooting, freedom, cancer awareness, modeling or acting – she won’t shy away from the conversation. Keep up with her blog each week on Deer & Deer Hunting. (photo copyright Nicole McClain)

Yo. My name is Nicole.

Had I been born a boy, my parents would have named me ‘Aaron,’ so says Mom. They should have gone with Aaron – not based on anatomy by any means – but on behavior and gear closets alone.

‘Schnit’ just got real, Son

This isn’t about resting on the laurels of brunette locks and long eyelashes. It’s the real mash, not the fake box of potato flakes peppering the hunting blogs and hunting shows. This schnit runs deep, on a cellular and cerebral level, one that can only be achieved through genetics, training, education, and by the grace of God to not kill me with cancer the first time around.

You’ll find this to be true: Weak people are the ones who delight in exploiting your “so-called” weaknesses – while strong people are the ones who delight in showing you how strong you are. So if y’all have an issue with my once-worn fancy dresses, or think mascara is an insult to the hunting industry, I guess we know which category you fall into.

Now if you want the skinny on hunting tips, tactical gear, all-things-bows, treestands, string jumpers, how to calculate the live weight of your deer, or the “best-smelling” doe estrous out there – doused with the passion that every endeavor I touch puts money in the proceed pockets of cancer research – well then grab a seat and let’s turn up the heat. It’s about to get real, Son.

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Hunting and hashtags

Forgive the omission of exclamation points. I’m not into them. OK, when I shoot a deer this fall, I might break out the exclamation points, number signs, hashtags, etc. In the meantime, I’ll spiel-on passionately (using median punctuation) about hunting, shooting my Mathews and CAMX bows, tree climbing, deer stalking, all-things-cancer, fitness, patriotism… and God. None of this schnit would be happening if it weren’t for Him. If you already know my story, I should have been in one of those shiny, expensive “boxes” years ago.

Lifetime NRA member raised by a war veteran

I have a Vietnam Vet for a father, two brothers who think I’m a little “out there” with my “out-of-doors” shenanigans, and a damn fine mother who thinks she gave birth to three boys instead of two. I’m an outdoor enthusiast who started fishing with a stick and string at the age of 5 (and wasn’t given a hook until I proved to Dad I was worthy of one). I’m a CCW permit holder, a lifetime NRA member, and my Glock is bedside-ready in case you think you have a chance making it past the multilingual Rottweiler, LTC Mogador. And if you take away my McDonald’s coffee, I’ll zero-in on you through my peep sight from the front seat of an ATV.

Nicole McClain on Deer & Deer Hunting

Her insights are as sharp as her aim. (photo copyright Nicole McClain)

I went to college. I have a “real job” as they say. And yes, I’ve worn a pink sports bra in a hunting advertisement to get attention on cancer awareness. I guess being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager makes you think outside of the box a bit – especially those shiny expensive ones I mentioned earlier.

Femme fatale triple threat cheats death – temporarily

I’m not really much of a talker about myself. Don’t like doing it. Don’t like the attention. But I do understand that it comes with the territory of being in the public eye. My life’s work has revolved around that, and I embrace it fully. I’ve done my share of modeling, acting and being an advocate. All have derived me much satisfaction.

I consider myself a femme fatale triple threat with the mission and mindset to turn the hunting community on its collective ear. Not because I think bows and guns are cute for girls to swing around, and index on a pistol because it’s some sexy trend – but because hunting was put on my bucket list when I chatted fireside with, and temporarily cheated, death.

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I’m a hunter, therefore I’m a killer, says PETA

When is PETA going to get it right? Do you get fired up when PETA’s draconian references to us hunters as killers? I understand. Are you pissed at the bevy of people who question your right to bear arms? I’m listening. Or maybe cancer is kicking your arse and you wonder if God is listening to your prayers. I’ve been there. I’ve been given a second chance at life, for whatever damn reason, and I’m making it my job to protect our hunting freedoms and liberties, raise money for cancer awareness, and provide support to our U.S. servicemen and women – especially wounded veterans. I’m dedicated to making good on my talents with the time I have left in this life.

I share my story to help others, the real Americans who love to hunt and shoot guns, or always wanted to try but didn’t know where to start, to help the organizations and manufacturers that make our beloved sport a lifestyle, and the warriors and survivors who fight from trenches to Weather The StormTM  with cancer.

Choke and chew like a bulldog

My philosophy, whether it comes to anti-hunters, revoking our gun rights and liberties, cancer, lack of support for our veterans, or the pitfalls of the universe: Pray to God for the strength of a bulldog, and chew and choke as much as possible to stay in the fight – and win. For me, there’s only one approach, and that encompasses passion, agility, integrity and a full-throttle attitude — no matter what the scenario or the obstacles. Always, every damn day, because character counts.



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