Nicole McClain: Replacing a Child’s iPhone With a Compound Bow

Nicole McClain gives her niece her very first compound bow as a birthday gift

Nicole McClain gives her niece her very first compound bow as a birthday gift

As hunters, patriots, and parents, we have an obligatory educational, judicial, and historical responsibility to the generations after us. We can’t rely on Disney’s Bambi to teach the importance and straight-forward story of hunting, gun ownership and archery, and we can’t let our children (or nieces and nephews) replace the outdoors ­­­with a constant influx of TV, video games, and digital solitude.

Hunting boosts a child’s self-esteem, teaches discipline and responsibility, develops the know-how to properly handle firearms and archery equipment, cultivates communication and camaraderie in one-on-one settings and analogous groups—just to name a few reasons.

Hunters can be animal-loving conservationists—and even President

One of our more noble politicians wore both the character badges of ‘responsible hunter’ and ‘conservationist’: Roosevelt. His achievements as a naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, and soldier are as much a part of his fame as any office he held as a politician. The President, appointed as the first Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, was dedicated to protecting both wildlife and natural resources, almost 230 million acres of land, 150 national forests, the first 51 federal bird reservations, five national parks, and the first four national game preserves—not to mention authorship of many a hunting books.

Somehow, even with his hunting ways about him, we as a nation elected this Harvard graduate and Nobel Peace Prize winner to be Vice President. The anti-hunters must have fear-crapped their hunting pants the day McKinley was assassinated. Although, back then our society wasn’t full of so many politically correct softies that hunting was deemed necessary and not a dusty souvenir called a ‘family tradition.’

Another two-legged, socially inept, electronically stimulated, text-neck adolescent

The other day I saw a kid riding his bike – with no hands—typing a text as he rode along. (Or was biking just supplementing his texting?) I’m so confused about the kids nowadays—I sound like Dad 15 years ago. ­

Dad, I finally get it.

I grew up catching frogs, fishing, and sleeping in a tent. I collected woolly bears, tadpoles, beetles, stray cats and butterflies… the only things glued to me were fishing nets and a 5-gallon bucket—none of this iPhone or iPad entertainment-turned-sustenance-for-life crap.

And I had an imagination. I could sit in the car for an hour and entertain myself with kid-like thoughts. I could have a conversation with Mom as she drove me to gymnastics and I didn’t need an iPod full of YouTube videos to ‘get me through’ the car ride out to camp.

Thank goodness we had a camp. I bet most kids don’t even know what that means.

Are you tired of watching kids play on their iPhones and iPads?

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Nicole McClain catches frogs with her brother as kids

Brother: “We have to go this way Nicole. We’ll catch frogs with the net.”
Nicole: “But why can’t we just use our hands?”
Brother: “Because you put your hands in your mouth and Mom said you’re not allowed to eat any more seaweed.”
Nicole: “I don’t eat seaweed. I just like squishing it between my fingers. And there’s little black beetles in it. They’re cute.”

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  1. cowboystl1

    I make it my mission to take my niece and nephews out for a camping trip at least once a year also get them in the stand with me as well also do the same with my son and guide for KHFAC in nw Tennessee. even if i have to drag them women and children in the outdoors is imperative to the future of our sport.