Nicole McClain: Shame Me as a ‘Deer Hunter,’ You Eat Slaughtered Beef

Nicole McClain stalks a deer with her Mathews Jewel compund bow

“Have you ever got less than 20 yards from a deer without it noticing you? Before trying to stalk a deer you must be relaxed. Most people get overexcited when they spot a deer so you must remember to stay calm. Good luck out there and Merry Christmas everyone!” (photo copyright Nicole McClain)

Often times the same person who says it’s cruel for me to ‘hunt a selfless animal’ is the same person who buys slaughtered beef, won’t pay the extra money for range-free eggs and chickens, and eats veal.

Like dog crap in a tornado, opinions hit the fan

Our hunting heritage has been under close scrutiny and attack of not only personal opinions (to each his own) but biased opinions and hidden agendas. Kudos to the anti-hunting, anti-gun groups building their cases on the trembling legs of erroneous logic as it decreases their success rate toward revoking our hunting rights and traditions.

But we can’t rely solely on their misguided, fictional, dirty-tactic fighting to preserve our pastime, for their arguments are not lackluster. Fiction sells and many of their reasons, arguments and stories are both fictional and entertaining.

Here’s my prophecy: Understand the sport. Respect the skill.

This needs to ring true for both hunters and non-hunters alike. I’d like to believe most hunters — and non-hunters — understand this sport is not about killing animals or wasting meat by taking reckless shots. In like manner, hunters need to respect the skill of being a good shot (and practicing to be one) by shooting accurately and abiding by hunting rules and regulations. In turn, non-hunters need to understand we respect rules and regulations, commit to shooting accurately not expeditiously, and being resourceful when it comes to utilizing each and every deer we harvest.

For the naysayers: ‘Hunting develops unsavory tendencies of violence’

Sure it does… if your trained by some ‘jackarse’ who has never handled archery equipment, can’t shoot his own foot with a shotgun if he tried, was raised with the disorderly conduct that hunting is to ‘kill’ animals, thinks the size of the animal or number of points determines the success level of a hunt, and/or doesn’t embrace the entire meaning of and history behind harvesting wildlife.

Classic example of jackarsery: The incident in November 2012 whereby a man allegedly shot at a deer in a Walmart parking lot in Pennsylvania. He was rightfully so charged with reckless endangerment, hunting without a license, shooting on or across highways and the unlawful killing of big game.

Imbecilic moments like these make us vetted hunters look like we need twice as much sense to be a half-wit.

To boot, naysayers conveniently fail to recognize that we are disciplined in having annual hunting and trapping regulations on both private and public property, not limited to:

  • opening and closing of seasons
  • season length
  • daily bag and possession limits
  • sunrise  and sunset tables for hunting hours
  • tag requirements, limits and check stations
  • gender limitations (number of doe vs. buck)
  • taking only as many of the specific animal you have purchased a tags for
  • not selling tags for animals considered endangered
  • use and non-use of specific equipment such as minimum draw weight, caliber of rifle, gauge of shotgun
  • supervision and accompaniment by an adult for youth hunters
  • the use of training and hunting dogs, and unlawful baiting of wildlife
  • hunter education courses
  • rules for safety such as tree stand guidelines and wearing blaze orange

Replacing the 9-year-old’s iPhone with a compound bow

I’m passing down the tradition of harvesting wildlife to the next generation of the McClain family for all said reasons. My niece and nephew will each have their own compound bows by the end of the year.

I’m not an advocate that hunting is for every child or person – but one should be given the opportunity to make a decision for one’s self and be able to receive the proper training and education required to pursue the sport if he/she decides to go forth into the woods. The healthy way is with an understanding of purpose, maturity, history, respect, safety, and obeying the regulations of hunting with proper supervision for beginners—and getting the next generation back into the outdoors minus the cell phones and video games.

The world has enough non-verbal communicators, pansies, lazy arses, and/or criminals and I’m not going to help contribute to the dysfunction. No wonder the government is a mess and even more politicians are scandalous boneheads and blowhards nowadays. We need to change this.

If cancer doesn’t kill me first, I want to be sitting fireside in my rocking chair knowing I raised confident, resilient, self-sufficient kids who respect and appreciate nature so they can make a positive impact on the lives around them and to this country. Hunting is one of the ways I plan on achieving that.

If you’re a ‘true’ vegetarian, let’s have coffee

If you really want to bend my ear to hear your side as a non-hunter, state your case fairly based on legitimate reasons supported by facts, not the one-off ‘jackarses’ who makes us normal, responsible, respectful hunters look like cases of polio that need to be eradicated. If you’re a true vegetarian, let’s have coffee and you can try to convince me otherwise. Anything is possible I guess.

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Nicole McClain sits in the woods with her Rottweiler Mogador Frankenstein McClain

“Protect and defend the freedoms we have in this country. The right to bear arms and respectfully living off the land are two of the freedoms I live for as an American patriot,” says Nicole. (photo copyright Nicole McClain)

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