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Donate Your Venison Get a Tax Break?

wisconsin venison donationAlaskan Congressman Don Young has introduced a bill — H.R. 3142, The Wild Game Donation Act — that would make hunters who donate meat to food-based charities eligible for a tax deduction for the processing cost of the game. Additionally, the legislation would provide a tax credit for processors who take part in this program. Of course, it requires that all animals are killed in accordance with state and local laws and by the individual making the charitable contribution.

This bill might be a tough sell during the current political climate, but Young has stated he believes the measure will eventually pass.

What’s your take? Do you think its a good idea, or would you prefer Washington stay out of the meat-donation arena?

2 thoughts on “Donate Your Venison Get a Tax Break?

  1. Hutch

    I do believe this is a very positive apporach to venison donation.
    We as a Hunt club donate venison to Hunters for the Hungry and this helps feed a lot of folks. This is a good thing.

  2. bill leary

    I live in albany county, NY and i’ve been processing deer for quite some time now. In 2005 I was enrolled as a processor for the " venison donation coalition ". there is a fair amount of paperwork that is involved with every donated deer. one particular invoice states — cash donation(s), processing fees (if applicable),and the venison itself ( approx. 45 lbs.) are TAX DEDUCTIBLE — when i fill out the paperwork with each donor i make sure they are aware of this. NYS got something right

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