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Food Fun Friday Confession: A time to seal

I have a confession. While I value the protein provided by wild game beyond all other forms of meat and take utmost care of my deer and other game in the field and on my butcher’s table, I am a complete slacker when my venison gets to the freezer.

I’ve always been a freezer paper guy. And, sometimes I don’t even go that far. If I’m out of freezer paper, I’ll seal my game as best I can in plastic baggies. I feel guilty about it (especially when Turkey & Turkey Hunting editor Brian Lovett and I trip up to the local meat processor and he breaks out his perfectly, triple-wrapped game and I dig out a tub of frozen scraps on our annual summer sausage run). But the truth is I’m cheap and I could never afford a vacuum sealer and the expensive bags. Really, it was the bags that scared me away. I could handle the one-time investment of the sealer, but I didn’t want to shill out the dough every year for the special bags.

Well, I’ve decided to take the plunge. On a recent trip to review some of the newest hunting gear available to bow-hunters, I was introduced to the Oliso vacuum sealer, which uses specialized bags like the other vacuum sealers on the market. However, the Oliso does things a little differently; it punctures a small hole, sucks out the air and then seals a small area around the hole. This makes the bags reusable for 10 to 20 uses. And they’re not crazy expensive. Less than $15 bucks a pack.

Oliso vacuum sealer venison vacuum sealer

The Oliso is not cheap, but it handles wet loads like a champ (a major downfall of many vacuum sealers).

I’ve decided it’s an investment I need to make to honor the game I take.

One thought on “Food Fun Friday Confession: A time to seal

  1. jon 5 buck

    I have never seen that one,i prefer to use a medium size plastic tub and place ground burger in it,than flop in the center of saran-wrap..wrap it …than freezer paper…for all other cuts i have always used the vaccuum can also put marinade in with your roast /.Woods Walker -sug. one that i use ,olive oil,garlic,liquid smoke ,and some brown sugar-throw that in with a couple roasts and seal em up!

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