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Food Fun Friday (What now?)

It’s time to face the harsh reality: My freezer is empty, or almost so.

Moose steaks from my sister? Gone.

Moose burger? Ditto.

Nebraska buck? Finished him off last week.

Wisconsin doe? Mostly gone. (I am holding on to a bag of honey hot sticks like they are Apple stock circa 1977)

I guess I didn’t do my fair share of wildlife management last season. So that leaves me with the harsh reality of shopping for my protein. (Have you seen the price of beef lately?!! It’s enough to induce depression.) Thank goodness for my garden. I can’t wait to start harvesting fresh veggies … but that won’t cure my venison doldrums.

I guess all I can do now is wait and plot. First, I must make sure to secure more venison this fall. And with the Oliso vacuum sealer I mentioned in a previous post, I’m planning on putting more up than ever before. But until then, I guess all I can do is daydream about opening day and put up veggies for fall. I’ll be reading up on recipes, too. And taking suggestions. What’s your favorite venison recipe? Or recipe book?

Best venison cookbookThis year, I tried a lot of recipes from Tracy Schmidt’s Venison Wisdom cookbook. Tracy is the wife of D&DH editor Dan Schmidt and she knows her venison. I was very impressed with the book and every recipe I tried. Tracy has a blog on her website

I’ve also been reading Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn. It has given me a lot of ideas for the coming fall and winter. Until then, I can only wait.

By the way, which state has the earliest bow opener?

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