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Friday Food Fun (Anthony Bourdain edition)

Last week’s inaugural edition of my venison Friday Food Fun on this blog was, as they say folks, a softball.

I floated it knowing all along that most hunters would — like me — choose both (Kate Beckinsale and Megan Fox, of course, but also both venison and pork).

The answers were a foregone conclusion because simply one of the greatest foods on earth is a well-made sausage that includes the complex flavors of venison and the richness of pork fat. As Anthony Bourdain so often points out on his excellent foodie/travel show "No Reservations" one common theme throughout the world is meat in tube form. It is the quintessential street food for good reason.

And I would argue the very best sausages contain not just pork, but the amazing combination of pork fat and wild game. Others would agree. Biker turned street-food Sensei, Jim Pettinger has turned sausages made from venison, reindeer, pheasant and bison into national acclaim and one of Denver’s most applauded restaurants, Biker Jim’s Dogs. Combine the two, add a little smoke and seasoning and you have the world’s greatest food. However, therein lies the most magical part. No two concoctions of venison and pork are alike. From venison Polish sausage to landjaeger and bratwurst, the variety of encased sausages is incredible. Add the fact that no two batches are exactly alike and its clear you could spend your life devoted to an obsession of venison sausage: an excellent pursuit. (Perhaps a future episode of "No Reservations").

Oh, and if you don’t make your own, you are truly missing out on one of life’s greatest joys.
Here’s to the perfect marriage. 

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