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I hope that my meditations on natural resources will offer an escape for hunters pushing back against some modern trends in deer hunting.

— Jacob Edson, D&DH managing editor

Donate Your Venison Get a Tax Break?

wisconsin venison donationAlaskan Congressman Don Young has introduced a bill -- H.R. 3142, The Wild Game Donation Act -- that would make hunters who donate meat to food-based charities eligible for a tax deduction for the processing cost of the...

Food Friday: A Rare Sauce

In my previous post, I made the argument that there is no taste difference between young bucks and old bucks. Predictably, some readers have argued the point. I stand by my statement that most "gamey" tasting venison comes from handling techniques and the amount of fat and silver skin remaining on the...

Food Plot Fails

Food Plot BuckIt's the time of year deer hunters around the country wait for. In most locales, bow season is mere weeks away (if not open already). We've...

Are Foodies the New Environmentalists?

Venison loinRecently, I stumbled across an article by Bryan Walsh for Time. Titled "Foodies Can Eclipse (and Save) the Green Movement", it suggests that the current economic and political atmosphere is killing the "green movement," which really was an urban...

Shoot a deer, save a moose

Minnesota mooseYesterday, the state of Minnesota released its long-researched management plan that it hopes will help save a northwoods ungulate that has long been an icon in the state — the Canadian moose.

A large portion of

The Texas Drought and Deer

Texas is in the midst of one of the worst droughts — in depth and expanse — since the early 1900s. The state has only gotten about 6 inches of rain so far this year, compared the 13 inches it should have by now. There's no relief in sight. The U.S....

Where are all those deer?

Following my earn-a-buck post, I expected a lot more comments like the one posted by Ron, basically blasting EAB. Perhaps the majority of hunters just glazed over the whole thing? Or, maybe things aren't as bad as I believe? Maybe a lot of hunters do understand that deer populations are...