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I hope that my meditations on natural resources will offer an escape for hunters pushing back against some modern trends in deer hunting.

— Jacob Edson, D&DH managing editor

Embracing Earn-A-Buck

I first encountered earn-a-buck regulations when I moved to Wisconsin several years ago. Previously, I had never encountered this management technique that forces hunters to shoot an antlerless deer before "earning" the privilege of killing an antlered buck. As I read through the regulations booklet, I found myself questioning the intense practice.

Food Fun Friday Special Moments

As a somewhat new father of 15-month-old twins, I'm constantly finding myself enjoying tiny little moments with my kids that I never knew I would experience. Last night, my boy Sam, provided another great one — a moment for the ethical hunter archives.

My twins, Sam and Anna, have been...

Taking On Antler Addiction

Most of history's best decisions have not been made with a tumbler of straight bourbon whisky in hand. However, profound thinking and whisky are fine companions. What I'm getting at is this: I've been holding off on this post for a while. Why? Because I wanted to get it right. But in the...

Food Fun Friday (What now?)

It's time to face the harsh reality: My freezer is empty, or almost so.

Moose steaks from my sister? Gone.

Moose burger? Ditto.

Nebraska buck? Finished him off last week.

Wisconsin doe? Mostly gone. (I am holding on to a bag of honey hot sticks like...

Do you know Aldo?

I often forget that not all hunters are like me. Some of the best deer hunters I know are are not outdoor writers or marketing folks in the outdoor industry who get the chance to chase deer all over the country. Most are folks who work hard for a living in...

Food Fun Friday Confession: A time to seal

I have a confession. While I value the protein provided by wild game beyond all other forms of meat and take utmost care of my deer and other game in the field and on my butcher's table, I am a complete slacker when my venison gets to the freezer.

I've always been a freezer...

Food Fun Friday (Saturday Lucky Guy Edition)

I was all set to write a post on Friday, but then a kind friend surprised me with a bag of morels he found in his yard. I'd never found morels before, so I was excited to try them.

Funny thing is, when I got home, I mowed the lawn....