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You can’t eat antlers … but they sure are pretty

The term reactionary refers to viewpoints that seek to return to a previous state (the status quo ante) in a society.
Homemade Deer Pole and Old Time Hunting Picture
I guess that’s what this blog aims to be: a reaction to the current state of deer hunting in America. Yet, that’s not to say this will be a bash session aimed at big buck hunters and hunting celebrities.

Instead, my goal is to share my personal exploration of hunting ethics with hope that my meditations on the North American model of wildlife management, hunting history, sustainable venison consumption, land stewardship and recreational enjoyment of our natural resources will offer an escape for the increasing ranks of hunters who have begun to push back against some modern trends in deer hunting.

My dream is that a grassroots effort with like-minded hunters will not only turn some of the tides of discontent within hunting, but offer a bridge between our current crop of die-hard whitetail enthusiasts and the growing number of new hunter/gatherer types. Lofty expectations, I know.

What I do promise is a resource for and about responsible hunting. I’ll discuss deer hunting tips and gear, and of course, land stewardship. I might even get on a soap-box from time to time. More than anything, I’d like this blog to be an open discussion. Comment away and share your hunting stories … big buck or buck fawn, I don’t care.

My one request: Let’s not talk about antler scores. Because, while I do marvel at whitetail racks … in the end, they’re not all that palatable.

One thought on “You can’t eat antlers … but they sure are pretty

  1. jon

    That is exciting to hear ,more and more im hearing the opposite of your views,im really glad to hear some insight that i totally agree with.I have no problem if i guy wants to target ONLY mature 3yr old or better bucks ,but in the same breath he wants to down talk me for shooting a button…i have killed both and the actual ”hunt” and everything leading up to it is much more and always will be more than antlers-good day-

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