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The Storm Before The Storm

Ted with grandson Jack and super dogs Gonzo and Happy on the spring trap line

Ted with grandson Jack and superdogs Gonzo and Happy after a fun day running the traplines.

Initially I was going to utilize the age old colloquialism “The Calm Before The Storm” to title this little ditty, my 31st installment of what has certainly turned out to be an ultraFUN Ted Nugent DeerAndDeerHunting.com weekly NugeBlog.

By Ted Nugent

However, being allergic to all things status quo and predictability, I had to admit that for most of us beyond help, over-the-top deerhunting addicts, there is nothing that resembles anything calm about our always thrilling deerhunting lifestyle storm.

And I am equally confident that the vast majority of us backstrap spirit gluttons also agree that the greatest philosopher ever was Dirty Harry, especially when he nailed our life guiding mantra that “A good man has to know his limitations.”

Being a very busy man, like everyone else I know, it is imperative that I learned early on what my limitations were and are, and in between my insane high velocity rock-n-roll boogie, numerous writings, TV productions, nonstop media, summer Gonzo touring, nonstop hunting, guiding, fulltime living orgy, I indeed must, like all of you, prioritize how and where to invest my energies to be as efficient and effective as possible in my daily responsibilities.

Actually, simply by monitoring the always delicious body language of Mrs. N, (what fun) I can usually cut the stress indicators off at the pass and avoid conflict and tension in my very dreamy life. Happy wife, happy life.

Shemane Nugent shooting her Mathews ... and as Ted sez, "Happy wife, happy life!"

Shemane Nugent shooting her Mathews … and as Ted sez, “Happy wife, happy life!”

Okay, enough of the stream of consciousness blathering already. I better weave all this into some sort of deerhunting relevance or my editors may just sack me here.

Here it is April 2014, and for all practical purposes, except for the always thrilling exotic critters in Texas and the Red Deer roar erupting in New Zealand and Australia, with a little Roe deer action in Europe and Britain, deerhunting has ended for another season. And, oh, what a season it was.

Though the “work hard play hard” force remains with us always, with shed hunting, foodplot preparation and plantings, post season scouting, spring turkey and some sort of fish to get after and what not, it is springtime that offers the best opportunity for some semblance of “calm” before the fall hunt storm is upon us.

Lucky me, I was recently forced to shut down to have both knees replaced after a lifetime of amplifier-leaping insanity, virtually destroying both knees to bone on bone hell. And let me tell you, knee replacement surgery is no picnic. It thoroughly suckerpunched me to the ground, experiencing more pain than I had ever imagined was humanly possible.

The onslaught of pain medication alone forced me on my back like I have never experienced in my 65 years. So turkey and bluegill season has never been so alluring as it is this spring, I assure you.

During this whole ordeal I have been creating the most exciting music of my life and by the time you read this, I should have a Texas Rio Grande longbeard or two in the bag and hopefully a belly full of bluegill filets and a CD full of roustabout rocksongs of the most fun and inspirational kind.

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

It won’t be long before hunting season’s here and we’ll have fresh backstraps!

Even during knee rehab and recording, I make it a point to shoot my bow and firearms each day and scout my Texas homeground to keep in touch with deer movement and changes.

Those magical fall hunting days are still a few months off, and though I will be kept more than busy all summer, it is the spine tingling anticipation of cool days in the ambush treestands that keeps my American Dream heart a’pumping all the time.

This is also a good time of the year to get after family and friends to try their hand at archery and marksmanship fun in our ongoing effort to recruit new people into what so many of us believe to be the most enjoyable activity available to mankind: deerhunting!

Calm is as calm does, so best of luck to all my backstrap BloodBrothers as we take full advantage of as much calm as we can muster, for, thank God, the mighty deerhunt storm is always just around the corner.

How about a little TedRock’n’Roll MusicJam! LISTEN TO PAINKILLER LIVE from Nugent’s 1987 New Year’s Eve Whiplash Bash

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  1. BigIron

    Great to see the trapping pic Ted!! Love to see trapping passed on to our little legacy’s! Perfect management includes keeping our competition predators in check.

  2. muzzy

    What can ya say?! With that much year round relentless energy filled way of life, there is no calm before the storm ! Great blog….
    ~ Muzzy

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