The Story of Mr. Crabs

Just a few days ago I received a call from a friend saying that he had found a good buck across the road from one of my stands. He described him as a heavy antlered deer with a split G2, and looked like he had been dead for a long time; they found him on the back side of a pond. This deer had no doubt died from EHD.

Up until this point I had not found many deer dead and what we had found had been slickheads. This is where the story goes south, As my buddy approached the back door of my house I began to get that sick feeling in my gut! I recognized the buck in his hands. It was Mr. Crabs, the deer my daughter’s named, I had several pictures of and had hunted a lot in the early season.

The last encounter I had with this brute was late September, which was also the last pictures I had of him. I never thought twice about it. Older bucks usually become less visual once they shed their velvet. Little did I know every time I hunted this deer he was about 150 yards from me!


Well here he is, not exactly how I had imagined this picture would go but nonetheless he is a true Missouri stud.


I was really wanting to get my hands on him, just hoped he would have been on the business end of a Rage, and the picture would have been with me behind him with the Elite laying beside me and a huge smile on my face! But instead here we are and it’s time to buckle down and put it on another Missouri giant. Time is running thin and the pressure is on. Do you know where your next wall-hanger is? Good luck to you all, and until next time, “bend it and send it!”