Miranda: This One Question Leads to Hunting Lease Savings

How to find a hunting land Llease on your own terms

New York state hunter Tim Kent decided to find some ground to lease after years of bumping into other hunters in his area. The decision has paid dividends each fall since.

Miranda: Lease Secrets to Boost Your Hunting Prospects

Tim Kent, owner of outdoors-related media company Theory 13 Creative, decided to take matters into his own hands after years of bumping into other hunters while hunting in New York and New Jersey. “We were simply tired of having people on top of us, especially in my home state of New York, so I got together with my father and two hunting buddies and decided to lease some ground.

How did Kent get a hunting land lease on his own terms?

“I ran an advertisement in the local penny saver with the headline,Landowners — Want Some Help Paying Your Taxes?’ The response was overwhelming and it allowed me to walk lots of different properties to see what would work best. Some of the landowners only wanted a couple of dollars per acre, while others were asking upwards of $30. We settled in the middle on a 370-acre property. Since then, we’ve included other land and now have 620 acres to hunt. Originally I didn’t want to lease, but it has been the best thing for my hunting.”

Kent’s experience certainly mirrors whitetail hunters across the country, not just in the Northeast. Investigating lease options might lead to a long-term solution to finding and keeping access to hunting ground.

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2 thoughts on “Miranda: This One Question Leads to Hunting Lease Savings

  1. Bripatwe

    Thats all good if you have an extra 10 or 11,000 dollars to to that…thats alot to pay just to hunt on some land. Where I hunt in the national forest here, Im lucky to see more than a hunter or two and still seem to pull out a nice buck each year. I think its a little easier to to walk up to the land owner and ask for permission…seems to work better for me. Not to mention here in Pennsylvania…theres no Sunday hunting for almost all legal game animals.

  2. The Hunter

    I definitely understand wanting your own space to hunt without having to deal with a bunch of other random hunters. What I am not all the way sure of is why you chose to lease? Buying seems so much more beneficial. You could have bought a much bigger area from https://lotnetwork.com/list-to-sell-property.aspx , paid a mortgage and then had a couple people close to you lease off of you. That way you had some money coming in and a better area to hunt. But as long as your happy with the outcome and scoring big buck who can blame you.

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