She Took One More Moment and Then Dropped a Whopper

ReAnn Chatham with her 149 inch Mississippi buck.

ReAnn Chatham with her 149 inch Mississippi buck.

Fourteen was the key number for ReAnn Chatham last winter while deer hunting with her father in Mississippi.

First, ReAnn is 14 years old.

Second, the monster buck she shot has 14 points and was a deer they had been seeing occasionally. They knew it was in the area and ReAnn’s father, Greg, figured if his daughter didn’t get a shot on the big one at least she’d have some other nice bucks to watch and maybe shoot.

It only took about half an hour after she got into the box blind for ReAnn to forget about the wind and chilly temperatures. A good 8-point walked into the food plot and then a smaller 7-point behind it. Chatham took aim with her .308 on the bigger buck and then hesitated for a moment.

“I was looking at the 8-point with the scope and saw a much bigger deer behind him,” she told Mississippi Sportsman. “He was looking right at me so I had to wait until he turned.”

When the buck turned and gave her a shot, ReAnn squeezed the trigger. The buck whirled and ran about 100 yards before dying, where it was found after a short search.

The big 14-point scored 149 7/8 on the Boone and Crockett system.

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