On the Hunt: Trophy Whitetails with Pat & Nicole Reeve

Trophy Whitetails with Pat and Nicole ReeveWidely regarded as two of the most knowledgeable bowhunters in the industry, Pat and Nicole Reeve are well-versed in the art of deer hunting and now they’re sharing their expertise with a new audience in a new book.

Trophy Whitetails with Pat and Nicole Reeve offers fans of Driven TV and hunters around the country the chance to learn more about the dynamic duo, their rise to fame and their favorite tips for increasing a hunter’s chances in the field.

Pat ReeveOutdoor writer Duncan Dobie guides readers through the Reeve’s personal history, journeying all the way back to childhood hunts and early life experiences – and through to their current thriving careers as television hunting celebrities. The book details the couple’s hunting exploits, including a five year adventure hunting bucks in Saskatchewan and their annual fall tradition of traveling from state to state tagging huge bucks for the cameras. Their experiences in the field make Pat and Nicole Reeve uniquely qualified to help hunters at any level improve their strategies and skills.

In Trophy Whitetails, readers will get an exclusive look at the tactics that led to those big-game successes. Pat and Nicole share their most successful hunting strategies to tag the trophy buck of any hunter’s dreams. Hundreds of stunning photos accompany the pair’s story and deer hunting advice. Plus, readers will gain access to more than 25 links to bonus video footage of the monster white-tailed deer taken by the Driven TV team.

Look for excerpts from the book to be featured in this blog the next few weeks.