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Uncle Ted On The Road Again

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Memorial Day weekend.

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Independence Day weekend.

No wonder I’m tired! And limping! And needed both knees replaced! And all giddy and excited like a backstrapper on opening morning! My killer band and I have once again unleashed our inner beasts and we charge forth across America like a teenage garageband on steroids and venison with enough amplification to reverse the earth’s axis and all the spirit and attitude to go with it!

By Ted Nugent

Whew! That was a mountful!

Our SHUTUP&JAM! tour erupts tonight, July 3rd, 2014, in Wichita Falls, Texas, celebrating more than 50 years of gungho hardcore MotorCity Madhouse R&B&R&R as I approach my 6,500th ultra-high energy live rockout for the most discerning soulmusic lovers in North America and beyond.

Did you get that 6,500 live concerts part? As in 6,499 + 1. And I am here to tell you with all my heart and soul, I look to the heavens everyday and shout out a very loud THANKU LORD for such an amazing American musical Dream come true.

And so, here, at our little deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog campfire, one might ask, what in tarnation does all this rock-n-roll and world touring insanity have to do with deerhunting?

Well, pull up a stump Farnsworth, and set a spell, poke some embers in our cozy little electro campfire and crack open a cold one, and I will tell you what all this Nuge maneuvering has to do with deerhunting.


Ted Nugent 2You see, during my thrilling nonstop 50+ years of touring all over the world, believe me when I tell you that I am not your average rock-n-roll dude. In fact I am quite certain that we have established beyond any doubt that I am not your average anything dude.

I don’t just perform my concerts then retreat to my room for room service and partying. Throughout my entire career I have made it a point to connect with fellow hunters, fishermen, trappers, outdoorsmen and women of every imaginable conservation persuasion, hang out with them, communicate and get to know them and hear their stories.

It is this lifetime of widespread communication that taught me the important things in life, what makes people tick, how to identify the good, bad and ugly, and ultimately to form meaningful conclusions based on actual hands on experience or straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

It is this unbelievable blessing of nonstop communication with so many truly wonderful people that has taught me to listen and learn, then confirm.

This is probably why I so totally support the individual choices of all sporters no matter what style or methodology of hunting they prefer.

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It also taught me how the lunatic fringe animal rights freaks have been able to unite their fellow crazies to ban cougar hunting, dove hunting, ban the use of hounds and bait while the government tax paid hunters get to clean up after our failed harvest by using hounds and bait.

Mule deer like this one, whitetails, exotics ... there's always time for high intensity hunting!

Mule deer like this one, whitetails, exotics … there’s always time for high intensity hunting!

How the animal rights freaks keep the Sunday hunting ban in 10 states, and how lighted knocks and mechanical broadheads are still illegal in some states.

What I have learned from such gungho communication is how when hunters unite like our enemies do, we can fix the many nonsensical regulations and anti-science rules in order to benefit the wildlife management endeavor and increase outdoor recreational opportunities for American families, while better managing the wildlife in the asset column instead of mismanaging it in the liability column.

So as my favorite stoned hippie redneck Willie Nelson and Detroit soulbrother Bob Seger so eloquently sings, here I go, back on the road again, turning the page for another wholloping, wild eyed tour de force across the hinterland, playing the coolest songs with the coolest band for the coolest audiences on earth, and communicating with great folks to further learn how to maximize the good, while caring people whittle away at the bad and the ugly.

It’s only July 4th, 2014 y’all, and deer season is still a ways off, so celebrate Independence Day every day like you mean it, and know that the best people in the world can be found around a deerhunting campfire, both literally and figuratively. So communicate on, celebrate on, and upgrade on, for America is still the last best place, but she needs constant management, maintenance, tender loving care by those of us who know better.

I’m gonna SHUTUP&JAM! But not all the time!

Check out Ted’s tour schedule and news at his site: www.TedNugent.com

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