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Uncle Ted’s Mailbag: Keep Striving to Overcome Bowhunting Frustration

Ted at full draw Mathews2Deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog #45? Are you kidding me? So you expect me to believe that a guy who is on tour, not just any tour, but without question the most demanding, brutally draining nonstop rock-n-roll blitzkrieg tour of alltimes, conducting lengthy media interviews everyday, doing children’s and military charity stuff, writing articles for more than a dozen websites, blogs and magazines, traveling to a different city and performing flamethrowing, scorching rockouts seven nights a week, conducting roundtable meetings with various community leaders, conservation groups and organizing and overseeing the production of the #1 hunting show in the world, working on upcoming fall hunting adventures with his Sunrize Safaris guiding and outfitting business, in the middle of penning two new books, carrying on husband, father, grandfather, brother duties, can possibly still have time to create another NugeBlog for deeranddeerhunting.com? This is what you’re telling me? This is what you expect me to believe?

Well hardy har har har, you got that right Penelope, you can bet your backstrap gnashing canines that that is exactly what I am doing, and doing a pretty darn good job of it all too, I might add.

Doe? Buck? Spike? Giant nontypical? Hunters have a variety of choices and should be able to make their own decisions.

Doe? Buck? Spike? Giant nontypical? Hunters have a variety of choices and should be able to make their own decisions.

I suppose here would be a good time to emphasize to all you younger readers out there, and at 65.7 years of age, I’m pretty sure that most of you are younger readers out there, that this indefatigable, outrageous pure animal energy and enthusiasm comes directly from the fact that all my 65.7 years of American Dreaming has been conducted clean and sober.

Believe me when I tell you the inescapable fact of life that the American Dream simply cannot be had unless you are clean and sober. Just a little reminder from your favorite MotorCity Madman, for afterall, as deerhunting fools, no one  could possibly believe for a second that you could possibly be a better deerhunter if you are not clean and sober.

The SHUTUP&JAM! tour is ablaze with incredible joy and unbridled fun. There is no question that my audiences are the best soulmusic loving audiences in the world, and on behalf of my killer band and family, thank you all very, very much for what is turning out to be just what I predicted, the best tour of my life.


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I wish I could answer all the important questions I get via Email and facebook and on my tednugent.com website. I am sure we all agree that Dirty Harry was the greatest philosopher of alltimes when he stated, “… a good man must know his limitations.”

So even with my daily regimen of overdoing it, I answer as many questions as I can in the most effective and efficient ways possible. I do invite you all to visit my website, facebook and follow me on Twitter, as we all know communication is the key to upgrade quality of life by sharing experiences and knowledge in order to make better choices in life.

So I welcome you to fire off any questions you feel I may be able to answer, not because I know it all, but because I have learned so much from the masters of our sport and am more than willing and happy to share those clever insights that have made me a better hunter and predator over a lifetime of deerhunting excitement.

Make Your Best Venison Ever Right in Your Own Home!

Here’s a question from a newbie deerhunter, Todd from Michigan, who asks: Uncle Ted, my whole family watches your Spirit of the Wild show every week, and it’s why I became a bowhunter. I’ve been at it for three years now and still haven’t brought home any backstraps. I hunt friends farms and public land, but spook every deer I try to draw on. What am I doing wrong? I am about to give up. Help me Uncle Ted! I want to kill a deer so bad I can taste it! Your MI BloodBrother, Todd

I feel your pain and frustration Todd. And you’ve come to the right guy, for way before I became the WhackMaster Strap Assassin1, I was indeed the Frustration Czar, never killing a deer for the first 15 or so years of trying.

I, too, couldn’t seem to get to fulldraw on maniac spooky MI deer. I’ve hunted all over America and there is no question at all that MI deer are the spookiest deer on earth. Therefore us Michiganiac bowhunters must be stealthier, more sneaky and better tuned in than any deerhunter in North America.

Be sure your bow draw weight is comfortable enough for you to draw gracefully and smoothly with absolute minimum movement. If you must lift your bow above the line of pointing the arrow at your intended target, you simply have too much draw weight.

Most bowhunters are over-bowed, and with Mrs. Nugent killing everything she shoots at with her lightweight 35# Mathews Jewel, the jury is not still out on the deadliness of such a light draw bow.

Practice, stealth, having your bow set up right all are part of becoming an effective and better hunter.

Practice, stealth, having your bow set up right all are part of becoming an effective and better hunter.

Next, your ambush position must be optimized so that you can draw your bow without being seen or heard. Do not draw as the animal approaches the best shot window. Only begin to draw when the perfect shot materializes. Too many bowhunters think that a compound bows letoff feature is for drawing in advance. Attempting to do so is when the beast nails you, so wait for the shot before drawing.

We must always be cognizant of wind, sun, travel patterns, how we approach our stands, the silence of our clothing, equipment and stand, and leave nothing to chance.

This deerhunting stuff is so very challenging, we must not give up, but learn from our mistakes and become the most effective, deadly predator we can be.

In my book BLOODTRAILS II-The Truth About Bowhunting, I go into great detail about all the frustrating years before I started to kill deer consistently.

Don’t give up, consider every outing as a series of lessons on cause and effect. Be like a US Marine Corps bowhunter and improvise, adapt and overcome.

Take it ultra-slow and easy, ultra-aware, ultra-stealthy, and eventually it will all come together for backstrap celebration.

And here’s a little tip I hear about all the time; it appears that there are many, many bowhunters who are convinced that when they listen to the American Hunters’ themesong, FRED BEAR, that the planets align, and the Great Spirit sends an unsuspecting herbivore into arrow range for increased luck and kills.

I’m just sayin!

I hope that helps. Goodluck, good hunting, Godbless and Godspeed, American Deerhunting BloodBrothers, Ted Nugent

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