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Do Not Underestimate the Pure Evil of Animal Rights

Ted shot this monster in Texas in December.

Ted shot this monster in Texas in December.

If you truly want to have the laugh of a lifetime, painful as it might be, by all means visit my Ted Nugent Facebook firestorm. Obviously, as fulltime self-evident truth and logic addicted deerhunters, we celebrate and promote the perfection of the hunting lifestyle in everything we do.

By Ted Nugent

But in this inexplicable upside down world of politically correct denial cultists, by simply sharing a beautiful photograph and brief story about a joyous hunt and kill, my Facebook is flooded by a gaggle of indescribable creatures that slither out from their demonzones to attack us with the most vile, vicious hatred I have ever witnessed in my otherwise wonderful 65.5 year American Dream.

The depth and consistency of violent hate, even in a world torn apart by a tragic war on evil terrorism, is rather shocking to the system of anyone who lives to do good every day. Very rarely does an anti-hunter just post a contrary opinion without threatening to kill my family.

No, I am as serious as a heart attack. In graphic language, they threaten to hunt, kill, gut and other non-mentionables to me and my family. And of course the people at Facebook are more like them than us, so they don’t really care about specific death threats.

So let me get this straight: somehow, something in their life caused a serious brain-damaging occurrence, and they refuse to believe or admit that venison is food, delicious, natural, renewable, healthy food of choice by literally hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Choosing to not eat venison isn’t their goal, but rather to ban us from hunting and eating venison is their goal, and they feel and express the specific urge to kill those that disagree with their choice of authorized food.

The Nuge downed this big buck in the 2013 archery season with his Mathews Creed XS.

The Nuge downed this big buck in the 2013 archery season with his Mathews Creed XS.

They have stated very clearly and very often that they would gladly kill a hunter but would never murder an innocent deer.

That is so braindead batty as to be unbelievable, but with all the evidence and examples of such hatred, we surely better believe it.

I started to get these death threats from stoned hippies back in the 1960s, you know, the chemically induced insanity that we hunters are “murdering innocent Bambi…” and other well thought out arguments like that.

At first it was totally laughable, but over the ensuing years, the dramatic increase in such threats and the escalation of violent words and tone causes intelligent people to take notice and come to grips with the depth of their evil intentions.

Most hunters are seldom exposed to these loons, for most hunters pose no threat to the absurd fantasy driven agenda of the animal rights freaks.

I, on the other hand, could not be more proud to pose a serious threat to their scam, so their army of strange creatures are on me like white on rice. Or should I say like black on coal.

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting
I am used to it and never take it personally, because I know they don’t just hate Ted Nugent, they hate all hunters, fishers and trappers. But recently, after a beautiful photo was posted of my lovely wife Shemane, the Humane Society of the United States and the crazies at Peta put out an all-points bulletin across the Internet, to sic all their followers on us.

The things they said to and about my wife were as vile and hateful as the devil himself.

She became and remains very upset and scared, but my reaction was somewhat more Detroit like, and I am committed to turn up the heat, post more photos of more game and more hunters, and raise even more hell than ever before.

Everything they stand for is wrong and rotten. Everything we stand for is good and proper.

We hope you visit our Facebook and join in on the fray. Don’t be fooled by their divide and conquer scams. They don’t hate me because I am a bowhunter. They hate all hunters and must be counterpunched with the pure science that is the most successful wildlife management model in the history of the world. Habitat carrying capacity, sustain yield, population dynamics and the pay as you go wildlife value system that finances the most incredible game management agencies the world has ever known.

That’s what they hate, and that’s what we must fight to continue. Backstraps forever!

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3 thoughts on “Do Not Underestimate the Pure Evil of Animal Rights

  1. cowboystl1

    Bambi taste good! biggest pet peeve of that movie is the guys who shot bambi didnt do a good job of recovering there deer. Face book is a joke they threat because they arnt face to face they can hide in the so called safety of there home and fear no one but the missing of there favorite aspca show in discovery channel.

    Its an all out assault from the time we are born classic lib move strike at the young so they grow into a culture of its bad makes me sick unplug the tv and take them out to catch there own dinner! take them to a working farm to see where food comes from! its on TV for children taught in schools terrible bad sick makes me fear the future of the small ones.

    iv seen your site i have seen what they do to people like you and Cory K. just trying to be conservation minded. just think what if they taught who and what actually started conservation and who spends all the money to actually protect the wild in schools wouldnt that be a shocker!

  2. Hippie

    Isn’t it amazing how liberals are so against guns, but yet have no difficulty in throwing death threats individuals like it was praise?

  3. Chris

    I would like to know, because it was not addressed in this article, what is the scam that is affiliated with animal rights?

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