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The Charles Alsheimer Whitetails 365 blog is a look into the deer world that you’ll only get here at Deer & Deer Hunting. Learn what deer are doing in the real world, and see how they are changing with the seasons. The behavior insights alone will make you a better educated hunter, which will help you predict how deer will travel, bed and feed during the hunting season.

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Alsheimer: The Whitetail’s Friendly Summer Is About To End

By Charles J. Alsheimer Don’t expect to see scenes like the one exhibited in the accompanying photo much longer because the days of bachelor group behavior are numbered. Once early September arrives a buck’s testosterone level begins to rise, triggering the start of a host of rutting behaviors. From this point on bucks will begin disassociating themselves from...

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Alsheimer: Deer Antler Velvet – Big Bucks Are Losing It!

By Charles J. Alsheimer Over the next two weeks northern whitetail enthusiasts will be in position to witness one of the most amazing sights in nature, the peeling of velvet from a buck’s antlers. When bucks peel velvet from their antlers the process can take anywhere from an hour to several days to complete. Outside of...

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Alsheimer: Mature Bucks Buddy-Up All Summer

By Charles J. Alsheimer Bachelor group behavior of white-tailed deer can be fascinating during the summer months. I took the accompanying photo on Aug. 10 and it illustrates how bucks “buddy-up” during the lazy days of summer. During this time they will groom each other, and feed and bed together. Though researchers have documented that bachelor...

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Alsheimer: The Final Stages of Deer Antler Growth

By Charles J. Alsheimer This is the fourth and final segment showing the antler growth of a specific 150-class buck. I took this photo on July 31 and it illustrates the growth that has taken place since July 4. For all practical purposes his antler growth is now complete, and is a prime example of...

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Alsheimer: Big Bucks Already Displaying Rut-Related Behavior

By Charles J. Alsheimer Now that the peak period of antler growth is winding down, testosterone levels are ramping up. With that comes a host of rut-related behaviors. As July gives way to August bucks will scent-check a doe’s urine to determine her estrous status, and mature bucks will start to exhibit more dominant behavior...

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Alsheimer: Developing Fawns Grow More Independent

By Charles J. Alsheimer Whitetail bucks aren’t the only ones growing by leaps and bounds during the warm summer months. By the time a fawn enters its second month of life it begins transitioning toward adulthood. At six to eight weeks of age fawns have become much more mobile and independent than the first few...