80 Degrees in October

It has been unseasonably warm here in NW Missouri.  The last few days the temperatures have been in the mid 80’s and instead of feeling like Fall it’s more like Spring.  The good thing about this is that a cold front is moving in and the bucks are starting to respond to calls and are following does around.  The other night I had a 2 year old come cruising through following a group of does.  Not a care in the world he was out for a stroll.  With the upcoming cold front moving in this weekend be prepared for some success from us folks here in the Midwest.  I will be spending my fair share of time in the woods this weekend.

My Helly Hansen gear will  be keeping me warm as I’m in for the long haul hunts this weekend.  Good luck to those in the woods, I’m hoping that some mature bucks will make a stop by my stand and give me a chance for some great results.


On a side note in a follow up from my last blog here is Captain Hook as he has come in for a closer look this last week to the mock scrape.  I am guessing 3 year old…take a look at the pics and let me know your thoughts.