A Quick Fix


Working Class Whitetails pro staffer, Kevin Sturm told me that his cable slide was talking to him when drew his bow.  This is a common occurrence and can happen at anytime. It is very annoying, especially if that buck of a lifetime steps out.
I recommended he swap it out for an after market one. He replied “I need a quick fix.”  Kevin, being a couple hours from my shop and heading out to hunt he definitely needed just that, a quick fix. I told him “nose grease”.  Yes, that’s what I said, good old nose grease. You won’t find it at any hardware store or pro shop. It’s been there the whole time right between your nose and your cheek. Just simply coat the cable rod where your slide moves back and forth and there you have it, a quick fix.
I do, however,  recommend changing your stock slide, strings and cables. Not saying the stock ones are bad, it’s just that custom premium strings are much better.  You’ll have no peep rotation and they hold so much better at full draw.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.

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