A slow day in the woods.

With the weather cooling, and sweet November just right around the corner, I was excited to get out in the woods this past weekend.  I had talked to a few Missouri pro staff members who had been seeing some good bucks up on their feet and possibly starting to see a little rut activity.

With high hopes, Shaun and I headed to the ground blind Saturday morning.  The blind was positioned between two blocks of woods, overseeing thick CRP and a lush green Tecomate food plot.  A picture perfect setting to see some bucks chasing.  With heavy frost covering the vegetation and temperatures in the high 20’s, we were both pretty anxious to see how the deer were going to be moving.  As the morning wore on, we realized that at least on this farm, the deer were just not moving very well with the sightings of only two does with nothing following behind.  Shaun and I packed up and I started making plans for an evening hunt.

I quickly gave good buddy, Jeremy Luke “aka Oscar” a call.  Oscar is a parts salesman at a local tractor implement and loves to jump behind the camera whenever he gets the chance to, and even likes to be in front of the camera, and does a great job at it.  Jeremy was planning to get off work at 2:00pm, perfect timing for an evening hunt.  Jeremy and I headed to one of my favorite farms, the same farm where “Waldo” is living.  Again, with the low temps, I was pretty anxious to see how the deer were moving.   We got settled in to the stand and waited patiently.  Turns out, we waited patiently all evening until dark because we did not have a single deer move through, other than the doe we bumped going in.  Right before dark, we had three coyotes move through the area and rather it was the coyotes or the full-moon that night, it made for a long evening in the stand.  Even though it was a poor evening hunt, we had a lot of fun, and we were in the woods! Congrats to pro staff member Eric Howard for taking a nice buck with his Elite this weekend!