Accepted in Dental School… Bucks Beware!

I’ve spent the last four years buried in the library studying for tests and doing homework all to try to reach my ultimate goal… getting accepted into dental school. Just a couple days ago, I got the letter in the mail telling me that I got accepted into the fall class at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry. I get to be a Hawkeye next year! It feels awesome to know all the hard work paid off.

It works out in my favor as well, because that means that I will be moving to Iowa City this summer. I already have two killer farms lined up and Ameristep stands hung so that come fall of next year I will be able to chase some of those big south eastern Iowa whitetail monsters. I can’t wait to get down to Iowa City, move in and fill my new home with realtree and deer mounts, sight in the Elite, and lay down some awesome hunts with my Panasonic HD camera from Cambells!