Always On The Wrong Side

Well, as Dana stated, the bulk of the deer movement had occurred during the mid-day yesterday before we even got close to the stand. We had 15 deer standing 50 yds from our tree as we peeked over the river bank, so we had to wait until 2:30 before we could sneak into the tree. After we got settled in, all wildlife movement completely died. We sat until the last five minutes of legal light, when we heard ice breaking. As I looked through the Nikon’s, I saw a beautiful looking 10 point nearing the 150 range busting through the ice like it was his job, crossing back to the north side of the river and heading in the direction of our other setup. This was incredibly frustrating as we could have been on him without having to bust through 1/4″ ice crossing the river and froze to death just to watch him go the other way AGAIN….That’s the challenge of bowhunting I guess, so hopefully all of this abuse will send a nice buck my way. We are hunting here at home tonight, and if the big 7pt that just showed up gives me an opportunity, there will be I burned tag I can promise you that. I really hope I can have a great hunting story for you tonight! Good Luck to everyone today.