Always One Step Behind

We finally made it out today after the 40mph winds decided to move on and were hoping to connect with a shooter buck cruising this afternoon. We had a SE wind and were headed to our stand on the other side of the river. We just got to the bank where we cross, and I spotted some white flags running on the other side. At first we thought we bumped them but soon realized that it was two bucks chasing a pile of does. Dana threw up the Nikons and confirmed one smaller buck and one really big 8 pt. He was a dandy and was way past the end of  his ears on both sides and very tall. Of course, to rub it in some more that we missed them, he ran right under our stand down the trail and continued on. We figured we had nothing to lose so we crossed the river and continued up the bank. As we peeked over the edge of the bank, we spotted the does who conveniently decided to bed down 50 yds from our tree so all we could do was watch and wait. It wasn’t long and we spotted the big boy near the does destroying a sapling. It wasn’t long and the deer circus began again and they all ran the other direction for no particular reason. We quickly moved into the stand and got up there before they came back. We just got settled in and the big 8 came back with his nose to the ground, but he was too far and just kept cruising. As the evening wore on we had a nice little 10 pt come in, which has the potential to be a giant if he can survive the firearms seasons the next couple years.  He came in and was checking us out pretty hard, and if it wouldn’t have been for the Realtree camo, we would have been nailed instantly. Realtree is the only camo I have ever hunted with and for good reason, because it is the only pattern that gets you through situations like these! He finally gave up when he couldn’t pick us off and went back to some does. We had two other smaller bucks and some does show up before the show was over for the night, but no shooter. Bowhunting has definitely been very frustrating for me the last couple years as it just seems like everything is working against us all the time. But, if it was easy everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be any fun. So, despite the bad luck that seems to follow me, we are heading out in the cold wind for an all day sit tomorrow, and try to make it happen again and maybe, just maybe, that big old 8pt will make a mistake and come in to check out a little code blue and take a ride in the back of the truck with us tomorrow. Good luck to everyone still hunting and hopefully we will have a good video and story for you.