Another Tough Day

Today was another rough day of bowhunting, and as Dana stated we had to change our plans because of the NW wind and stay on the north side of the river. We went in this afternoon and were feeling pretty good about the night until we got 10 steps from the stand and bumped a pile of does which of course ran up through the bedding area, which is always a downer at the beginning of the hunt. We sat for an hour or so and I spotted  a couple gobblers and a bunch of jakes in the Nikons, which kept us entertained until about 3:15 when the deer finally decided to come back. 7 Does came in with one nice looking 10 pt that was all broken up. He was by no means a shooter, but he’s got the potential to be a   very nice deer in about 2 years. 2 of the does came right under the stand, and the whole time I was thinking how sweet it would be if that was a giant buck because he wouldn’t stand a chance at 5 yds if it was. The night slowing crept in and left us with an empty woods by the time we decided to get down. To say that we are frustrated is an understatement, but there is something that keeps a bowhunter going no matter how tough the hunting is. We have good winds from Tuesday until the weekend for our setup on the other side of the river, so we are taking tomorrow off and getting back after them then. Hopefully we will have a good story for you all sometime this week. We will be reporting in on how the week is going when we get back out there on Tuesday. Good hunting to all of you last few die hards like us!