Antler Shed In October?

Today on my way back from lunch with a good friend of mine from work he tells me I need to see something. Curiosity was getting the best of me, as we pulled back into the parking lot at the shop my buddy Nick yells over to Dave and says “Hey Dave show Josh the shed you found!” I figured he had found a nice shed from last year. Dave Sump a Clarinda local proceeds to pull an awesome fresh shed out of the back of his truck. Apparently when he was driving down a gravel road the other morning he came across the shed just laying in the middle of the road. Once Dave pulled the shed out of the back of his truck it was obvious that this was indeed a fresh shed. Dave tells me he searched all over for the matching side but came up empty. We wondered if the deer got hit by a car and it got knocked off, but Dave saw nothing on the form of skid marks etc. and the antler is in perfect shape.
Very surprised to see a fresh shed in October, it has me wondering if this has something to do with EHD and stress or is this just coincidence? I guess we will never know.
Congratulations Dave on a awesome shed! Thanks for sharing the story to the Deer and Deer Hunting world.

2 thoughts on “Antler Shed In October?

  1. lonlon

    I am not an expert, however I have found hundreds of sheds. I would say 100% of the sheds I have found are rounded on the end and would appear that they would fit in to a hole in the skull for lack of a better explanation. The shed in the picture above appears to have an indentation in its base which would leave the appearance of a growth that would still be on the deer’s head ??? Not normal for sure. Interesting.

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