Busy Weekend In South Dakota!

As the weekend approached I scouted every night and morning with the Nikon optics and found some great deer for the upcoming rifle season. As we all know with gun season everyone and their brother is looking for the same deer you are. Unfortunately by the weekend everyone had all the deer educated by scouting along roads and section lines, which moved the biggest deer off the place I could hunt. There still was some good deer around though.

Saturday finally came around and got set up below a sunflower field in the hills along a creek. The plan worked great I had over 80 deer come by from hunters pushing them around but no shooters. Around noon I moved to the top in the sunflowers to get a good vantage what was going on. As I got setup I had doe’s and average bucks around me and seen in the distance a good whitetail and mule deer. I waited and finally someone else seen the same deer from the road and nudge them in my direction. They finally came the distance heading towards the creek. I had the 160 inch mule deer come to 60 yards but did not have a tag for him. The whitetail was chasing doe’s into 200 yards and put the Nikon cross hairs on him a squeezed it off, hit perfect and ran 50 yards and stopped when I put one more in him and went right down!

Excited, I walked up to this heavy, wide horned 8 point and could not be any happier with this buck. I’m telling you a sunflower feed deer is such a big body deer; it makes those corn feed Iowa deer look average.

Hunt summary: Scouted and had my homework done before season came around. Had a south wind and came in from the north of the field and setup downwind of the deer. Had great action early with no shooters, I moved and finally seen a good deer in the distance and patience paid off when another hunter kicked them in my direction. Great hunt! Next Blog will be the exciting Boat hunt for a mule deer on Sunday, check it out!