Doug Niemackl – Hide-a-bow

If your a fanatic bow hunter like my buddies and I am, then you’ll know what it’s like to lose sleep, go hungry and freeze your tail off  all for that one moment in time. Personally it’s the heart pounding adrenaline coming from my central nervous system that’s been known to fail me on occasions. I often wonder if age has something to do with it. But anyway you all should know what I’m talking about, hunting
has it’s highs and lows. It’s not always easy to set a tree stand or pick the right spot for your pop-up. Thats why we use Hide-A-Bow……simplicity for success.
Today was the day for scouting and seeing old friends. Finding out who’s shot what and where. After three hours of socializing we stop at a few honey holes and noted the activity there. We saw many bucks chasing doe’s and could tell right away the rut is on. By late afternoon it was time to vacate the truck and head out on foot. In western  Kansas bino’s are a must. Deer are seen ten fold with them. We saw at least 35 mulies and maybe 15 whitetails. No monsters but plenty of shooters. Tomorrow it’s all about the plan.  It’s bone dry here so first thing in the morning were going to set up on somewhat of a wheat field that has some green in it. I think the deer are looking for tinder moist vegetation before heading for there beading grounds. Later in the afternoon we’ll be back at the spot and stalk. Wish us luck!!!! Good hunting to you all too!!!
Doug Niemackle from Hide-a-bow