Early Season

Here in Missouri, archery season begins September 15th, so we get to take a crack at them fairly early when they are still what most consider easier to pattern. Is there any truth to this? Absolutley, but it still isn’t “easy” by any means. We all have pictures of these awsome deer that we have “patterend”, heck most of us even name these bucks. But then something happens, a switch is flipped almost instantly when those big boys shed that velvet. We have all been there, they become less visible and for some of us we might not see these bucks again until November, if we are lucky. So come with me as I pursue “Lucky”, “Number 2”, and “Grinch”, just to name a few. Hopefully I can tighten the string on the Elite and let the air out of one or two of these Missouri studs! Until next time, Bend it and send it my friends!

One thought on “Early Season

  1. JKuonen

    Good luck to everyone on another year of your pursuit for the Buck of a Lifetime! Well said Steven! I am fairly new to the sport of hunting and still have not shot a buck in my 2 years of bow hunting but when that time comes it will be great memory for me to cherish for years to come. I have been hard headed for a couple of years not listening to the more experienced and now that I have took everything in I am feeling more and more that this may be the year! Once again…Good luck to everyone this year and I really enjoy reading the blogs from Steven and the rest of the Work’n Class whitetails and the entire whitetail hunting Nation!! Happy hunting!!!

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