Early Season Trophy

Alright a look back at my South Dakota Archery antelope kill. This season I was very excited to hunt antelope, my goal was to shoot a 14 inch goat; for around here that is the best of the best. Started out doing a lot of scouting trying to find some that I wanted to go after. I found three goats that looked good and lined up permission to hunt them when season came around.

After practicing with the Elite and keeping an eye on some goats with the Nikons, I was ready to go on opening day. I was going to spot and stalk in the middle of wide open fields and knew it was going to be a challenge. Opening weekend we came close to a couple but never had a great shot opportunity. I stalked within 90 yards to the one I end up killing and 100 yards for another great goat. During the weekend I got out in the mornings and never had any luck getting within range of these wary animals.

Friday was the next day I could get out and went right back to the spot where I got within 90 yards. We spotted the herd right away and immediately got a game plan ready as the were working towards a water hole in a cattle pasture. I snuck up to a corner post in the fence where it seemed the antelope were working towards. I waited patiently as the keep getting closer and closer. Knowing that I had a fence gape that they could easily go through they were going to come right in. Once they got to 50 yards they could tell something was wrong. The doe’s not knowing exactly what was going on they headed back where they came from, I ranged the buck at 52 yards, I clipped on the release, drew and settled the pin on his front shoulder because he would not stop. I let the Easton arrow fly and hit its mark, a liver lung shot; he went 80 yards and bedded down. I went back to the truck and watch him as he expired.

It was a 14 inch goat and could not be any happier, he is at the taxidermy now! This is one of the toughest animal I hunted, just because of the fact the live in the wide open and use their eyes as a defense. To get within bow range on a spot and stalk was exciting but very frustrating in most cases. I never quiet and it paid off big on a great SD antelope!