Extremely Busy 2 Weeks

There has not been a dull moment up here at Twin Creek Taxidermy as my phone has been ringing like crazy with hunters wanting to bring in their trophy bucks. My skinning knife has been working into the wee hours of the morning to make sure and get them in the freezer right away with the warm weather. I have had a pile of bucks come in the last 5 days and they are all dandies! Shotgun hunters had mixed success up here in N.C. Iowa, but the bucks that were killed were very nice and respectable deer. I had an 8 pt come in last week that scored 155 5/8″ and that thing has some serious mass going on! A buck came in last night that a guy’s wife harvested that will probably go mid 150’s after deductions, but it is a heavy, stud of a buck. The rest of the bucks are all in the 140’s and 50’s but it is a pile of quality deer which is a major change from last year! I’m glad to see that hunters are having success harvesting some nicer deer this year. Good luck to all hunters out there this late season, I’ve got another deer coming in right now that I had better get going on!