First Bow Buck… Elite Makes it Happen!

Well… that’s the third buck I’ve helped hammer in three weeks! On October 28th I killed my 141″, then on November 3rd I filmed by buddy Eric kill a 165″ 12 point, and then finally today I filmed by buddy and camera man Tate kill his first ever bow buck, with the Elite Answer!

This morning was a perfect morning to deer hunt. It was very cold, calm, and lots of deer movement. Tate’s 10 point came walking by about two hours after sunrise to a little rattling antler action. Tate stopped him in an open lane at 34 yards and let an arrow fly. The shot was pulled way forward on the buck, and we weren’t sure if it was a fatal hit. After checking out the blood, it became evident that we tore through the carotid arteries, as there was blood spraying everywhere. The ELITE answer and Rage broadheads put him down quick, and he piled up after 80 yards.

Tate DeMeulenaere with his first ever bow buck! Shot with the Elite Answer

I’m having a fantastic season so far. I’ve been making some blog videos to upload on Deer and Deer Hunting with some really cool footage, but every time I get ready to post a video we kill another buck. I guess it’s a good problem to have! 🙂