Food plot health

Just wanted to pass along how resilient my Tecomate food plots have been here in southwest Iowa.  Given the dry weather we had in September and early October, one might expect limited or even failed food plots.  I planted these food plots during the Labor Day weekend and unfortunately, received only one day of rain prior to this past weekend.  However, when I drove up for opening day (Oct 1st), they were green and growing.  As expected, the food plots were not quite as lush as most seasons, given the lack of rain, but they made it through the drought and with over an inch of rain this past weekend, should really take off.  This is what I’ve come to appreciate and expect from Tecomate seed products – the ability to prosper under less than ideal conditions.

This is something we as hunters need to consider when selecting our seed and especially the seed company – the ability to survive when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Today, most commercial seed will develop a healthy plot if the conditions are perfect: proper PH in the soil, the right amount of precipitation, warm nights, etc.  But too often food plots under develop or even fail altogether when one of these critical factors runs off course. I travel seven hours to my hunting locations and simply do not have the time to check on these plots every week during the development phase of their growth.  Knowing I’ve planted quality seed from a company with a history of producing when others don’t gives me the peace of mind to know when I climb in the stand on opening morning, there will be deer roaming below my stand.