From the Water to the Woods

Mark Davis, Host of BigWater Adventures on Outdoor Channel
Mark Davis is the consummate outdoorsman. Having fished and hunted all over the world, Mark had his off-shore captain’s license before most folks could legally drive. When he’s not filming his award-winning saltwater fishing show, he’s focused on hunting.


“Fall is here and that means two things for me.  One: my BigWater Adventures filming season is almost over and we’ve run from Alaska to Panama chasing fish and Two: I get to pursue my true passion, the whitetail deer.  Those that know me best can attest that I have been hopelessly afflicted with whitetails for going on three decades now.  I’ve also made it a family affair by introducing first my wife and now my 4 year old daughter to the woods and the whitetails as well.  I put down the rods and reels for a couple months as we pursue them across the country, with bows, rifles, slug guns, pistols, and muzzleloaders depending on when and where we find ourselves.  As I type this I’m scrambling to get rigged and ready for one of my two last BWA shoots of the year.  I’m leaving tomorrow, but first it is time to grab a couple rifles, my headset, and my Wiley X’s and go sight in a few firearms.  Always remember, protect your hearing and your eyes on the range and in the woods. We’ll see you down the road.”

Written by Mark Davis