Gun Season 1: No Dice

It has been a long shotgun season for this crew up here. I decided to go Shotgun 1 this year because I am so busy with taxidermy work that I just didn’t feel like I was going to have the time to devote to late muzzle this year. The first day was extremely foggy, with very little deer movement.I had a mediocre 8pt come in that I passed right along with a small 7pt at 15 yds. That was about it for Saturday as the afternoon was very uneventful with only 2 does appearing at the end of the day. Sunday morning was once again foggy as I couldn’t see 50 yds if I wanted to. It was however sunny, and I knew it would burn off mid-morning. It was very warm and just plain dead as far as deer movement is concerned so we got down about 9:30. We walked over to the edge of the river to watch our friend Dave hunt on the north side of the river. All of a sudden, the neighbors to the east on our side started a drive so we got ready. It wasn’t long and 15 does came trotting through with a nice 8pt and a decent 10pt, but they were both out of range.They must not have been too afraid, as they stopped to work a scrape as they passed. About 10 min behind that group was a beautiful mid 140’s 10 pt coming right at us as I watched him in the Nikon’s. He came into 50 yds and I stopped him in a good shooting lane and once Dad gave me the ok with the camera, I settled the  Remington 870 on his shoulder and touched the trigger. The buck reared back and took off hauling the mail the other way. I didn’t know what happened until I walked over to where I shot a few minutes later.I knew right away when there was hair and no blood all the way to where I last saw him that I either missed or hit something before the deer. Nonetheless I knew the deer wasn’t hurt and was going to live. It was exactly that once I watched the video, as you can see the slug deflect off of a blade of grass just before it reaches the deer and shaves his brisket. It was a major let down not being able to drag that buck out, but at the same time I was just happy that I didn’t wound the deer. We still have late muzzle for Dad, so maybe he will be able to get a shot at the one I missed,  which would be enough redemption for me. Hopefully we will have a good story for you soon, as we have to get Dad at least one good buck this year after such a tough bow season for him. Good Luck to everyone hunting the late season.