Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It has been a season for many thanks and another great hunting season despite the tough hunting the last few days. We have come so close to getting Dad a buck with his crossbow so many times I can’t believe that we don’t have one swinging yet. I’ve had a lot of nice bucks in my Nikon’s just not in Dads crossbow sights. They always seem like they are just too far for the Rage to get a chance to punch through the goodies or we get busted by a small buck or a group of does. Its no wonder bucks this big survive, when they have all of the extra eyes working in their favor!   On this Thanksgiving night, the wind is roaring about 35mph and is supposed to continue through tomorrow, so its looking like a day to head to the blind. Hopefully we will catch a buck coming to graze out of the wind  in our oats patch. Good Luck to all venturing out tomorrow and I hope you and your families had a great Thanksgiving!